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#120 – AMA with Dom D’Agostino, Ph.D., Half II of II: Ketosis for most cancers and power illness, hyperbaric oxygen remedy, and the impact of ketosis on feminine well being


Partially 2 of this particular AMA episode, ketosis professional Dom D’Agostino as soon as once more joins Bob Kaplan, Peter’s Head of Analysis, to debate the influence of ketosis on numerous power ailments in addition to the most recent analysis on the metabolic administration of most cancers. Dom additionally discusses the quite a few purposes of hyperbaric oxygen remedy, supplies insights into the appliance of ketosis on feminine well being and efficiency, and far more. In case you’re not a subscriber and listening on a podcast participant, you’ll solely be capable to hear a preview of the AMA.  In case you’re a subscriber, now you can take heed to this full episode in your private RSS feed or on the web site show notes page.


We talk about:

  • Replace on Dom’s Press-pulse therapeutic technique for the metabolic administration of most cancers [2:05];
  • Potential function for vitamin C in most cancers therapy [12:45];
  • Glutamine concentrating on in most cancers remedy—proof that the mitochondria in most cancers are broken? [17:45];
  • Can a ketogenic weight loss program reduce the toxicity of most cancers therapies? [24:45];
  • 3BP—a promising agent in most cancers remedy [26:45];
  • The connection between most cancers and ketogenic diets [29:30];
  • Hyperbaric oxygen remedy (HBOT)—primer, protocols, and therapeutic makes use of [33:30];
  • Is there a possible function for HBOT in treating COVID-19 sufferers? [44:15];
  • Non-cancer purposes of HBOT [47:30];
  • The inverse relationship between glucose and ketones [50:30];
  • Is a ketogenic weight loss program acceptable for kind 1 diabetics? [54:00];
  • How ketosis could cut back the chance for Alzheimer’s illness and Parkinson’s illness [1:00:30];
  • Ketosis for females—concerns, fertility, efficiency, and the most recent analysis [1:11:00];
  • Low-carb diets throughout being pregnant and postpartum [1:17:00];
  • A high-protein weight loss program to counteract frequent hormonal points related to the ketogenic weight loss program [1:21:15];
  • Dietary suggestions for remaining metabolically versatile [1:22:45];
  • What’s one perception Dom has modified his thoughts about? [1:26:45];
  • In utero experiments, and different attention-grabbing questions Dom needs to discover [1:29:45];
  • The anti-catabolic impact of ketones, most cancers cachexia, and dietary interventions for most cancers sufferers [1:38:30];
  • What’s the one attention-grabbing experiment Dom would do if time and cash have been no barrier? [1:46:25]; and
  • Extra.


Replace on Dom’s Press-pulse therapeutic technique for the metabolic administration of most cancers [2:05]

Dom’s Press-Pulse paper with Tom Seyfried from 2017: Press-pulse: a novel therapeutic strategy for the metabolic management of cancer

The press-pulse idea

  • It’s the thought utilizing ketone metabolic remedy (or therapeutic ketosis) and different modalities to compromise tumor development and proliferation
  • This weakens the tumor making it extra vulnerable to be killed by different modalities

⇒ Instance, the ketogenic weight loss program mixed with hyperbaric oxygen remedy (HBOT)

  • Being in a state of therapeutic ketosis…
    • Suppresses insulin signaling, which drives PI-Three kinase, lowers glucose availability to the tumor, 
    • It elevates ketone our bodies which cannot be readily utilized by most cancers as a supply of gas
    • Ketones additionally impair antioxidant pathways that the tumors use to defend itself (e.g., the pentose phosphate pathway generates extra glutathione in most cancers cells and that’s being fed by glucose)
  • *In abstract—for those who cut back glucose availability and inhibit insulin, which suppresses glycolysis, you’re making a situation the place for those who give an oxidative problem with hyperbaric oxygen remedy, you’ll be able to probably kill the most cancers cells

The ketogenic weight loss program and hyperbaric oxygen remedy delay survival in mice with systemic metastatic most cancers Poff et al., 2013

  • In 2013, Dr. Angela Poff studied the ketogenic weight loss program with hyperbaric oxygen 
  • Hyperbaric oxygen was delivered at 2.5 atmospheres of oxygen, 90 minutes, Three occasions per week
  • The ketogenic weight loss program mixed with the hyperbaric oxygen protocol proved to lower tumor burden and lengthen the lifespan in VM-M3 mouse mannequin (developed by Thomas Seyfried)

Tom Seyfriend’s paper: The glucose ketone index calculator: a simple tool to monitor therapeutic efficacy for metabolic management of brain cancer

  • Helps the concept a decrease the glucose-ketone (ideally within the 1 to 2 vary) slows tumor development and proliferation and makes it extra susceptible to HBOT

Many alternative issues that you may mix in press-pulse remedy

  • A weakened tumor from therapeutic ketosis could also be extra susceptible to a variety of different most cancers particular metabolic medication—
    • PI3K inhibitors (see Lew Cantley episode of The Drive)
    • 2-Deoxy-d-glucose—which inhibits hexokinase and inhibits glycolysis 
    • 3-Bromopyruvate (3BP)
    • Dichloroacetate (DCA)
    • Metformin
    • Vitamin C at excessive doses
    • SGLT2 inhibitors

Dom’s 2017 review was extra of a preclinical idea, however now there are a variety of related papers popping out—

  • Valter Longo’s mouse study confirmed a exceptional impact utilizing a unhazardous mixture of a fasting-mimicking-diet (FMD) with IV vitamin C in opposition to KRAS mutated cancers
  • One other paper confirmed a lower in tumor burden in a girl with metastatic thymoma handled with a ketogenic weight loss program and fasting mixed with prednisone and different immune based mostly therapies

Determine 1. PET picture displaying lower in tumor burden in a girl with metastatic thymoma handled with a ketogenic weight loss program and fasting mixed with prednisone and different immune based mostly therapies. Picture credit score: Phillips et al., 2020

  • Tom Seyfried additionally has been a coauthor on a number of case research resembling an individual with—


Potential function for vitamin C in most cancers therapy [12:45]

Vitamin C as a PRO-oxidant?

  • Most individuals consider vitamin C as an antioxidant
  • However excessive concentrations of vitamin C is usually a prooxidant–making it related in most cancers therapy

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Dom D’Agostino, Ph.D.

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