Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Mitochondrial Health

The Way Energy is Made – Mighty Mitochondria in Action!

Where does mitochondrial disease come from? How does your body make energy? Why are the mitochondria important for life, diseases, and aging? Learn all about it in this 3D animation designed by students from the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University in cooperation with MitoAction is dedicated to outreach and support that helps people with mitochondrial disease NOW. Learn all about Mito at


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4 thoughts on “The Way Energy is Made – Mighty Mitochondria in Action!
  1. My son has been battling MitoDZ for nearly 7 years now and our family could attest to the challenge of educating family, friends, and teachers about this challenge. Thank you for creating this piece; it will assist in making this complex situation a bit more understandable.

  2. Wow! Looking for a video about mitochondia because I have found a product designed to combat age related vitality loss caused by reduced mitchondrial activity! It has helped me beyond words & at 33 I now feel the best I ever have in my life! I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatiuge & Fybro mialgia but seeing this maybe I had Mito! I had never heard of it b4! Please check out this product called Age Loc Vitality I hope it may help some of you as much as it has me! Go to Facebook: LoveTheWayYouAge

  3. This is an Excellent Animated Film on the basics of Mitochondria & its Diseases. The visuals are superb simple representations and explanations to educate others when trying to explain the disorders. Love the spillage out of the Complexes and consequences of empty tank and no rocket takeoff – fuel = energy.

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