Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Video Blog – Mitochondria in ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia

The Mitochondria are a component of the cell called an ‘organelle’. This organelle is the site for the production of something called ATP. ATP is involved in the production of raw energy. Many patients with chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis have problems with this raw energy production cycle and suffer from sudden and drastic loss of energy and movement. For more info please see the video.



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14 thoughts on “Video Blog – Mitochondria in ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia
  1. This, combined with the micro-circulatory is why our muscles stiffen abnormally with even the lightest activity (even w/ Olympic level endurance athletes) but we still retain short term anaerobic strength that allows up to push past our limits. When those metabolic byproducts are not able to be recycled and cannot be removed from muscle, the result is "lockjaw light." They are correct about the raggedy fatigue being a type of "bonk"; it occurs cyclically and reactive to activity.

  2. In fact, I am of the opinion that the "bonk"-like, reactive metabolic state is what leads to most of the excitotoxic damage that causes hyperalgesia and the micro-seizure (resulting in alpha/delta wave anomaly and all cognitive symptoms.) It's mostly the drop out in blood pressure during this "bonk" state that causes the CNS ischemia that leads to the brain problems. It all starts with the viral cardiomyopathy and vasculitis and progresses when we overdo the exercise after getting ill.

  3. Probably mostly applies to viral ME, not OP ME, stenosis FM, dietary excitotoxin FM, borrelial ME?, and any of a host of other pathogenics (although the fact that many of these have similar mechanisms causing excitotoxic damage and hyperalgesia makes sense; OPs cause diastolic cardiomyopathy and excitotoxic damage, dietary excitotoxins cause direct excitotoxicity, stenosis causes ischemia in the same parts of the brain lacking bloodflow in brain imaging studies in viral ME, etc.)

  4. Thats very interesting and explains a lot. It also explains why the 3 day rule comes into play with ME – when trying something new, rest for 3 days afterwards. These things mean so much more to me when I know the reason WHY I have to do something a certain way. Why the gps & ME clinics dont give us this info is beyond me. They just havent got a clue. Thanks Alex & the OHC.

  5. This worked for ME / CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME (Personal Experience for myself and a friend who was hospitalised with it).
    Google CFS/ME Cod Liver Oil. COD LIVER OIL Capsules & Vitamin C Tablet (or SEVEN SEAS COD LIVER OIL in ORANGE SYRUP with VIT C)
    available through Amazon – teaspoon every 6 to 8 hours for 2 months)
    or 1,000 mg capsule every eight hours for two months (person 120 kg)
    or 500 mg every six hours for two months(person 80 kg)
    or 500 mg every eight hours for two months (person 60 kg)
    and a Vitamin C tablet split half in morning and half at night.
    You should start to feel better in about ten days to three weeks
    but to make sure you are cured keep going for two months.
    Do not go by the guidelines on the packet.
    It has to be a capsule every six to eight hours – (I know).
    Trick is to have a container of capsules in your pocket
    if you are going out or once you recover enough to get mobile.
    P.S. Always check with a Dr if you are on medication!

  6. Really helpful, thank you. I liked the humour with it. Life can be so damn serious having CFS/ME/FMS, it's nice to take a lighter approach to a serious subject. I so wish NHS GP's had this knowledge that the OHC has and offered this blood testing and treatment for mitochondrial dysfunction! So frustrating.

  7. I find the video informative.. I have fibromyalgia..and loud unnecessary noises startle and annoy me . All the noise and loud laughing really made me not be able to concentrate on what you were saying . Am I the only one ? But once I knew to expect noises I did laugh .. this sounds exactly what is happening to me …

  8. Hi alex i can understand you wanting to help people with m.e especially as you have had it yourself , so you know only to well how debilitating this disease is and just how desperate indivisuals are to get better from this horrendous illness , and i comend you for finding a treatment to help people get better from m.e , but what i dont understand is WHY THE BLOODY HELL YOU CHARGE SO MUCH MONEY FOR TREATMENT ITS APALLING OF YOU , ive lost most of my teethe cost i have no money to pay for dentist fees , i find it difficult to make it through each day and i certainly cannot work , ive had my pip payments stopped just like loadz of other people with all different types of ilnesses , and as you well know your self it robs you of your life , so knowing all this alex please can you explain to me why you charge a fortune for your treatment thankyou carolyn thornber .

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