Friday, October 30, 2020
Mitochondrial Health

Part 1: Aubrey de Grey: The Role of Mitochondria DNA in Aging

Famed biogerontologist discusses the effects of accumulative damage to mitochondria and the impact this has on cellular aging and senescence at the 2009 Longevity Conference in Manhattan Beach, CA.


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7 thoughts on “Part 1: Aubrey de Grey: The Role of Mitochondria DNA in Aging
  1. A debate over the legitimacy of de Grey's proposals for combating aging was published in MIT's Technology Review. In the end, none of the challengers to de Grey were able to convince the judges that SENS was "so wrong that it is unworthy of learned debate," though the judges noted that "the proponents of SENS have not made a compelling case for SEN

  2. This guy is living in the 19th Century, where professors with Phd, could do as they like, dress as they like and look as disheveled as he does, and still expect the public to think of them as the leaders in their fields of study.

    Sorry folks, I cannot get past the ZZ-TOP beard. What is the point he is trying to make? That he is masculine but has arms and legs so skinny he could barely fight his way out of a wet paper bag. I don't care what type of accolades this man has received, if he wants to be considered at the top of his field as well as the best and the brightest, he needs to shape up and climb into the 21 Century.

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