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7. Behavioral Genetics II

(April 14, 2010) Robert Sapolsky continues his series addressing the link between behavior and genetics. He covers the complex endeavor of gene isolation and variability and heritability and wrongly eliminated environmental influences in heritability tests — finding that genes and environment are infinitely interconnected and co-dependent on each other.

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20 thoughts on “7. Behavioral Genetics II
  1. but if you treat pku via food labeling, this environmental change is caused by the genetics of people who contributed to that with their jobs, who wanted money to survive and procreate

  2. This is all fascinating stuff but I wish the camera operator was a bit more interested in what's going on. Instead of zooming in up the Prof's nose, it would have been more helpful if he zoomed out when things on the board are being pointed to. (1:01 in particular)

  3. 25:10 But because not all people who have the mutations in vasopressin receptor gene are autistic I will say that it is not a indicator for autism rather it is a indicator for being susceptible to the external/environmental man made chemicals what through epigenetics are causing autism

  4. greatest sex difference in cognitive abilities is spatial ability. Boys are substantially better at it. Curious that Sapolsky neglected to mention it, maybe because it was inconvenient for his narrative. And math differences remain in favor of boys at the extreme right tail, although it has dropped over the years.

  5. long story short when you have a cake you can cut in even pieces but the slices will never be chemically the same
    Genes: define the type of cake – defines if it is a cake –
    Environment- Defines if the cake will be stored in the fridge; eaten; rotten; change color; change features

  6. 1:29:00 Wait, what now? The more gender equal a society is the… greater the advantage in verbal skills is for women. Ok. How do we go from that to "it has nothing to do with whether you have a Y chromosome"?

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