Monday, October 26, 2020
Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Terry Wahls Discusses Her Multiple Sclerosis Protocol

In this video Dr. Rhonda Patrick interviews Dr. Terry Wahls about how she reversed her secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis with a micronutrient-dense diet and Paleo principles. She identified vitamins/minerals and other compounds present in vegetables/fruits that are essential for mitochondrial health, which is critical for brain function.

Skip to 13:57 to hear Dr. Terry Wahls personal story about achieving remission of her multiple sclerosis after it had already crossed the threshold from relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis into secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

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45 thoughts on “Dr. Terry Wahls Discusses Her Multiple Sclerosis Protocol
  1. Great and very informative interview. Does anyone know why eggs were removed from Dr Wahls diet? I understand removing dairy and glutin but not sure about the reason for removing eggs? Thanks.

  2. Dr Patrick… please interview Dr Carolyn Dean about magnesium! You would love her and her enthusiasm about magnesium! Also, Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride about the gut flora. She brought it to light over 12 years ago… way before anyone else did. She would be a fantastic guest interviewee as well.

  3. One thing I noticed on this diet is the change in my system after eating homemade saurkraut each day. My IBS that I've had for probably 25 years has disappeared. I love it!

  4. after 20 years of struggling with 'healthy' food such as legumes and regular foods such as dairy, wheat, sugar, and suffering extreme body pain daily, loss of eye sight, brain fog, and after describing my symptoms and having the same tests done over and over by 12 doctors, I finally realise I have autoimmune disease.
    One doctor mentioned it once but offered no help at all. I had to work out for myself which foods I can and cannot eat and I became my own test subject.
     I still lapse into 'wrong' eating because of where I am and what the people around me are eating. I know I have to take my own food wherever I go because if I get hungry I will go for carbohydrates such as potato, bread or pasta, and then later, suffer the pains and discomforts that comes from the toxic overload.
    So, thank you Dr Wahl I can now define this dis-ease instead of thinking this is psychosomatic and as one doctor said 'just ignore the symptoms until they go away' because they don't go away.
    There is reason to validate the concept that our thoughts and emotions may affect how our body manifests physically, with wellness or disease. So that is why I strongly believe there is a correlation between the conscience and the body.
    Therefore, I validate the concept that if you care about the planet and you still eat mainstream commercial food, your body is probably trying tell you to change your diet by making you sick. I was a hypocrite. I would complain about genetically modified food, the violation of the natural construct of the food, about pesticides in food, about chemical fertilisers etc but I never dedicated myself to the organic food and product industry, which I do now. As I become active in being loyal to the wellness of my planet, the intention of it refelcts back on me, my body, my wellness.

  5. I was diagnosed with primary progresssive ms last October afte starting "threading over" last year, but thinking over I have had a lott of typical ms symptoms last 15 – 20 years (I read). Is it 100 % sure that that the doctors are right it is pp, and it should hopefully be some chance of getting better in both cases ?
    My left side is weak, especially arm/fooot/anckle, got drop foot. Got bad last year. Pain, risk of damagingg my foot, unstable, but walking also withot a cane (can walk fast w/w.o. cane, but with a "stiff" right foot – more pain in my back walking upright without cane/sticks). Strong left side (very un-even). Very much on my own, was very active till last year, wheelchair is for me NOT thinkable for the rest of my life.I want to follow dr. Wahls' diet(s) (always had problems with my stomach, so I am a bit sceptic about quitting dairy products bacteria)Want to have some hope, so I want to try as much as possible to try dr. Wahl's advice, even if difficult to change my life in such a short notice.
    All comments are very much appreciated !

  6. An anecdotal story (Even a Dr's) is not Science. Although if consuming the high amounts of vegetables she advocates there would be little room left to consume Animal products.(Paleo)
    { Very possibly her recovery was accomplished ,"in spite of" her consumption of meat.}
    Of course it follows, if a high intake of Vegetables also Fruits, mushrooms & nuts are the cure, then having a diet low in these foods is the causality.

    Further as observed in populations who live the longest (Free of all forms of diseases, including MS ) Plant consumption is very high, animal very low(or none), no Dairy. Confirms the fact that a vegan diet is the correct diet for man. See Blue Zones >

    {The Sulfur & Allium vegetables and Mushrooms also happen to be among the most highly active anti cancer foods}

  7. I thank Dr. Terry, I got sick trying to join the USMC. Got MS, followed her protocol and I could feel my hands and write my own name again. Tried to join the USMC again and passed all tests at MEPS, but after research and see another proof by Dr. Steven Greer Disclosure Project I didn't join the USMC.

  8. Hey there,
    is there any way how to get a transcription of this podcast. My local park there is a gentleman with this condition and I was chatting to him and would love to print it out for him as he is pretty old school and not adapted to the Internet. Any help would be great,


  9. I guess we should avoid brown rice if we’re interested in protecting our mitochondria. It’s really high in arsenic. It makes me worry because I went through a phase that lasted about 4 or 5 months where I was eating 4 cups of brown rice per day. I was trying to eat plant based. Eek! Glad I learned about the arsenic! I think it might have contributed to the everyday fatigue i feel. Dr. Wahls has given me some good ideas to turn things around.

  10. FoundMyFitness — I'd be curious as to why Dr. Terry Wahls removed eggs from her restructured diet (Minute 15:55). Dairy (milk) products and gluten—this I understand. I eat a lot of eggs, ones that are pasture raised on a small farm, hence my curiosity. Perhaps because the yokes are high in arachidonic acid, the Omega-6 source of the prostaglandin-prostacyclin-thromboxane-leukotrine cascades? Many thanks!

  11. Right, that's it. I'm gonna eat greens till they come out my ears and see how it affects my type 1 diabetes . Already gone Vegan – Improved insulin sensitivity… but need to stop eating all the processed crap as well.

  12. Had a good friend that passed back in early 1994 from MS, he had that stupid disease for 30 plus years, he would probably be still here on this side, because he was born October 29, 1943, if only he knew what they know now about MS, fairly certain he would still be on this side of life.

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