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Mitochondrial Health

Nutritionist John Bagnulo "Why Our Mitochondria Might Play the Greatest Role in Our Health"

March 31, 2015 talk by nutritionist John Bagnulo MPH, PhD at the Belfast Free Library titled “Why Our Mitochondria Might Play the Greatest Role in Our Health;” filmed by Ned Lightner of Belfast Community TV.


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35 thoughts on “Nutritionist John Bagnulo "Why Our Mitochondria Might Play the Greatest Role in Our Health"
  1. Man just such vast difference from McDougall and Esselstyn teachings….

    Sat Fats 60 versus like 5 % lol
    Total at 60-80 versus <15%

    Carb <20 versus ~60-70%

    (Both equivalent on sugar limitations and avoidance of processed foods)

    But while grains as very detrimental versus beneficial…

    Highly confusing discrepancies.

    Both producing powerful, positive results… hmm…

  2. thanks for this great lecture.I am a little unhappy with the body-composition data, that you are talking about. My sources say: 60% water, 17% fat, 17% protein and 6% other for an average man…. pretty different from the 60 to 70% fat you are talking about. I'd be really thankfull for some input on this. thanks from germany – frank

  3. Great lecture and in line with the current body of research.

    One update is that protein isn’t going to disrupt autophagy if you are on a low carb diet.

    That has been revealed recently in some research.

    I forgot who, just google it.

  4. great presenter, first in a long time somebody to address how experiments were conducted… like the idea of a higher order and disease, this goes into the hierarchy of the cell as a ''fractal box'', complexity and self-organization

  5. There's also endless unused pasture areas. People need meat that is all there is to it, and instead of taking steps to procure grazing areas the government is driving ranchers and small farmers under while covering them in strip malls which would be unneeded with no immigration.

  6. The Wahls protocol diet focuses on mitochondrial health. Eat 3 cups of greens a day, kale and spinach, cooked or smoothie for Vitamin A, B, C, and K. Eat 3 cups of colored fruits for antioxidants. Frozen blueberries smoothie is a great way to get your antioxidants. And third part is eating 3 cups of sulphur rich foods like cabbage, mushroom, onions, garlic, etc for detox toxins stored in body fat. This is the foundation of The Wahls Protocol diet for mitochondrial health and it's reversing autoimmune conditions.

  7. Such a pleasure listening to the lecturer! He has so much knowledge to impart he hardly took a breathe. I love how he touched on so many different aspects of the topic. 🙏🏻

  8. This is literally THE KEY. I have been experimenting with almost every diet and training program for more than 50 years. But this just brings it all together in a way that makes 100% sense. Thank you very much.

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