Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Introduction to Electron Transport Chain

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39 thoughts on “Introduction to Electron Transport Chain
  1. Can you explain to me how 4 H+ (protons) are pumped out of NADH dehydrogenase (complex 1) PER NADH MOLECULE? Im confused because NADH -> NAD+ + H+ + 2e Where am I going wrong? This is driving me nuts!

  2. It has been a MAJOR struggle to find accurate videos explaining this! You did a very nice job. You videos were enough for me to solidify my understand of this process! Thank you so very much!

  3. I really enjoyed the video doctor and studying the electron transport chain , it would be harder to understand without your perfect way , but pardon me Professor , I have a question , you said that CoQ is reduced to CoQH2 ,I don’t understand that point , complex I is supposed to be a proton pump , so where did it get the 2 H ions to be reduced , and of course it’s not going to be in it’s reduced form forever ,so how the CoQ will get rid of the 2H ions ?,

  4. Such a great lecture sir. I am preparing for my competitive exams with your lectures only.
    My request, can you pls upload lectures on BIOINFORMATICS topics?

  5. Hi
    Can I ask how many ATP molecules are produced in every ETC complex?

    It was actually raised by our professor, according to him, every complex in the electron transport chain produces a particular amount of ATP..
    He wants us to identify the ATP molecules produced in:
    Complex I
    Complex II
    Complex III
    Complex IV.

    Thank you so much for those who can help☺️

  6. But your lecture is silent on what is the form of energy relesead during electron movement through complexes. And how is it responsible for the movement of proton from inner membrane to outer membrane????

  7. 8:07 I believe you misspoke PC II when you meant to say PC I. Thank you so much for your great videos! Keep up the amazing and helpful content!! 🙂 Your videos helped me through undergrad, and now I'm using them to review concepts in dental school! You're a life saver!

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