Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Complex I and II of Electron Transport Chain

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50 thoughts on “Complex I and II of Electron Transport Chain
  1. Hi
    Can I ask how many ATP molecules are produced in every ETC complex?

    It was actually raised by our professor, according to him, every complex in the electron transport chain produces a particular amount of ATP..
    He wants us to identify the ATP molecules produced in:
    Complex I
    Complex II
    Complex III
    Complex IV.

    Thank you so much for those who can help☺️

  2. It mean if proton which attaches to the ubiqounone to reduce it to ubiqouinol is coming from matrix then the proton which is attach to FMN then it will have 2 +positive changre on it bcz only electron are going toward ubiquone not the proton?

  3. Hi…may I ask, in complex 1, where do the 2 H+ ions taken up by FMN to form FMNH2 go to? Are they passed on to the iron sulfur clusters to regenerate FMN? And where do those 2 H+ ions ultimately end up? Thank you!

  4. For Complex I, I think your schematic diagram can be drawn a bit better to show that the active site is actually on the left side of the enzyme (still in the membrane though). The way you have it depicted is where the active site was previously thought to be.

    Good video overall!

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