Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Doug Wallace – Talk from 8th Annual Oliver Smithies Symposium

The eighth annual Oliver Smithies Symposium was held on Wednesday, May 20th 2015 at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Dr. Doug Wallace gave the final talk of the afternoon.


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11 thoughts on “Dr. Doug Wallace – Talk from 8th Annual Oliver Smithies Symposium
  1. I love the comments below, they're all so relaxed and easy. Geez, I listened to that as well and the info download was crushing to me in its complexity and volume. This guy is very switched on and all over the knowledge brilliantly. But its going to take a bit more for me to digest and get all of that than a simple … Cool, or thank you. But it was that as well and, I thank you to !

  2. It is so very exciting to listen to this science discovery savant play through the magnum opus of his life's work in a signal swift, concise and overwhelming movement.

    I kept wanting to stand up and applause at about three different times even though I was listening all by myself. This left me miffed at the reserve of his audience who is unsurprisingly habituated to … um, reserve.

    Doug Wallace I don't know how many groupies you have or want or need but should you realize that your life is missing someone to open doors as you approach them, lay out matching socks and slacks for you in the morning, or purchase and prepare food that is friendly to mitochondria just call me at …


    Please invite me to your next shindig whatever that may be, I would be so proud to meet you in person. My email is my first and last name (alloneword) at gmail dot com

    It is hard to do, but be gracious to your historical detractors in your coming public recognition, generous by sharing the praise with all your co-collaborators and willing to recognize, support and make room for all the future folks that may need your encouragement to continue in their own unique and poorly supported scientific pursuits.

  3. Thanks for the upload. Was quite interesting. Check out Jack Kruse's stuff who puts this information into practical bio hacks. BTW would be nice if you put some captions on the 4 questions at the end. CHeers.

  4. Measure and charge the electrical properties of the mitochondria, then when charged they function normally. Why, because ultimately the electricity is sourced from the dielectric (the ether) and that's how the Russian trials had an average CURE rate of 88.25% on 18,255 patients across all disease groups. One microcurrent biofeedback tool does it all. Nothing new, been going on since the 80's. But no one dares talk about it.

    Lets take a look at the charge on the cell membrane 70mV per 7 nanometer. Do the math in volts per meter. Then look at the transmutation experiments done last century – see where I am heading – and the source of the 3500 fold increase in chicken's Ca, compared to what they ate and used to produce their egg shells.
    Thanks Dr Wallace for your contributions they help me reinforce what I think I know!

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