Monday, September 26, 2022
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Steps of glycolysis | Cellular respiration | Biology | Khan Academy

Introduction to glycolysis. Role of glycolysis in producing ATPs and NADHs and converting glucose to pyruvates.

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44 thoughts on “Steps of glycolysis | Cellular respiration | Biology | Khan Academy
  1. Thanks SO much, for all the videos you provide… It's helped me a lot throughout my medical career in the Dominican Republic. I finished it, and will graduate soon. Right now, I'm studying for the USMLE and reviewing quite a bunch of knowledge gaps!

    I don't agree with the comments on how his speech is too excited or whatever. Precisely, that's what makes me NOT fall asleep or get bored, since the way he talks makes everything much more interesting.

  2. I look away for 20 seconds and next thing you know, I'm as lost as a 3 year old in walmart by how much stuff you just put on the screen

    Sigh, that's biology for you

  3. Bro that moment when he scrolled up at 3:19 , man I started freaking out. He said "more detailed" like it was no big deal. I'm scared. What's it going to be like later on then? DO I DRAW THESE IN THE FUTURE?

  4. The complexity occurring in our cells isn't complex on its own, it's way too simpler than that. It's just that we've made things complicated and it ain't doing us good.

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