Friday, May 7, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria: Functions, Genomics and Disease

Dr. Marni Falk, from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, explains how healthy mitochondria work. She discusses how mutations in the mitochondrial and nuclear genomes can affect human health.


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13 thoughts on “Mitochondria: Functions, Genomics and Disease
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  3. It very much begins to look as the science begins to understand energies around the body ( mitochondria functions and mutations) , which is the base of Chinese and In fact, all traditional medicines. This theory lack integrating philosophy and is still sampling and dividing and lacks context in the whole body and psychological relevance. Because the mutations are caused by life style of women, who for many years are treated as second hand beings. It is part of the karma of the humanity. We still lack wisdom, despite the progress of technologies. And may be because of this.

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