Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Restoring Mitochondrial Energy Production: Organic Acids Testing Part 2

Mitochondrial energy production has been a mystery both in terms of assessment and treatment. Organic acids testing gives you clinical control over this vital arena so you can test and correct patients suffering from fatigue due to energy production problems. We’ll review how these energy systems work, how oxidative stress and free radical pathology damages our mitochondria and effective treatment strategies.

In this webinar, you will learn:
Learn how to assess fatigue based on mitochondrial energy production
Discover why single nutrient replacement protocols never seem to work
We’ll discuss treatments that lead to fast and significant increases in energy all based on lab interpretation


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4 thoughts on “Restoring Mitochondrial Energy Production: Organic Acids Testing Part 2
  1. Is it true that the mitachondria can finally die? If so, does the organic acids test reveal that? Can it be revived, even at the age of 70? If the mitachondria is past all hope, is it still possible for you to help us in this condition to feel a little better?

  2. These videos are wonderful, thank you! I've been binge watching your videos since the weekend to better understand the Organic Acids and GI Map tests I had done and this information has been exactly what I needed. I look forward to taking one or more of your courses.

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