Monday, September 26, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Solving Fatigue with Organic Acids Testing

How to use organic acids testing to determine the root cause of fatigue and weight gain. Mitochondrial energy powers all our systems, without enough cellular energy patients become tired, overweight, and toxic. Come learn the physiology behind this all too common source of fatigue and how to resolve energy related problems in your complex patients.

In this webinar, you will learn:
Learn how to eliminate fatigue symptoms in complex patients
Discover how fat loss ties into mitochondrial functions
Explore the link between oxidative stress, energy and body fat burning
A broken mitochondria equals a tired, toxic and overweight patient
Simple supplement solutions explained


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3 thoughts on “Solving Fatigue with Organic Acids Testing
  1. You’re videos have been so helpful. I’m dealing with multiple issues -injury and genetic issues – which have left me with so many issues , pain and fatigue. I’ve started putting the components of inflammation on a cellular level together when my fatigue became debilitating, along with uncontrollable weight gain and nothing is impacting loss. Hair loss, constipation. The list goes on. It’s sad how our medical system doesn’t start at the building blocks and the body as a whole. I have hope as there is so much more info coming on the brain gut connection. You’re helping so much. Thank you.

  2. In Germany this type of test is hardly known, only a few labs offer it.
    So i wonder if this test is reliable. Will you get the same result if you pick a urine Probe one week later under same conditions. Or is it depending from what you eat the day before or if you had a hard workout.
    Is it possible that if blood tests of Q10 and B Vitamins are normal you still can discover a defizit of it in the acids?

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