Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Human Biology, Cells and organelles

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10 thoughts on “Human Biology, Cells and organelles
  1. Love your videos! I am dyslexic as well & find the way you explain things a lot easier to understand. Thank you!

    Would you be able to do a video on drug calculations please?

  2. Dear Prof,

    I just wanted to give you a feedback on your video. I am a business type of guy with matching diplomas, without any Chemistry/ Biology background but for 24h now I have been watching your videos one by one in a row! The way you talk, the way you teach and showcase is simply the very best teaching method I have ever seen in my 17yrs school time. I wish there was an online Bachelors program where you were my teacher…. Your video lesson collection is priceless, I tell you it is worth hundreds of thousands of Euros. But luckily, perhaps not the money is your first priority.

    I also wanted to ask you if you maybe have anything specifically on hyaluronic acid / EC Matrix and/or transdrmal delivery related video/book material (and maybe HA in the joints as well)?

    Ps.: There are hundreds if thousands of tut vids on every single topic on youtube, but most of them are from ignorant amateur freshly graduated "kids". Those videos are inefficient, annoying and so not professional, not credible, unlike yours.

  3. Dear Doc. You are such a gifted teacher. Your vedios are the best I have come across. Being a novice to the sciences, I find your lessons highly comprehensive. you are so excellent in your style. Thank you so much.

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