Sunday, May 16, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Supplements and Medications #FDRS2016

Read more about the TREAT program’s Medicine and Supplements for people with Lipedema and Dercum’s Disease:


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13 thoughts on “Supplements and Medications #FDRS2016
  1. I don't know why I am so hesitant to believe some of this related to nutrients. I am hoping that going to the conference might help me to have a better understanding about some of this.

  2. Is there any support groups for Dd in u.k? I diagnosed myself with my illnesses before any Dr did,I think that's sad,I got sent from department to department in hospital each time I was referred cause the drs never knew where to send me,now I've had lump cut out and told agreed its dd ,on same day ,but I've still not seen a specialist in the area,the surgeons gone now I was told today so I'm kinda back to start.

  3. So very helpful and having suffered for sometime with limited medical expertise locally, it’s wonderful to have information from an deeply experienced practitioner.

  4. Very impressive. Thank you so much. Most physicians who treat are surgeons who only talk about liposuction or maybe massage or bandages at most. The rest is just more diets that don't work. This is the first serious discussion of practical, non-invasive treatment for Lipedema that I have seen.

  5. Fat in the DIET does NOT cause fat gain. Fructose in excess (also branched-chain amino acids and choline deficiency to some degree) is what makes you insulin resistant, which causes fatty liver & fat gain in many people. Also other disease like Hypothyroidism cause fat gain. Fructose also increases fatty acids, also known as triglycerides, in the blood stream.

  6. Quercetin can actually WORSEN asthma. It may be helpful for allergies if patient does NOT have asthma. Stinging Nettle seems to work for my allergies without making my asthma worse.

  7. Side effects of statins can be far more than just minor muscle pain. For example, they can cause a severe form of muscle pain as a result of rhabdomyolysis, which can be FATAL. They can also cause Diabetes. Medication side effects are often dangerously UNDER reported, so the incidence is probably far higher than claimed. People with hypothyroidism are far more likely to suffer the side effects. These are very dangerous medications.

  8. I have type 2 diabetes and took metformin for a few years with awful side effects and had to stop because I was having high lactic acid levels resulting in lactic acidosis. I'm very sensitive to medications. I have not been diagnosed with DD but definitely believe that I have it. Can you recommend a physician in NH? Thank you beforehand for your time and help.

  9. Metformin has huge amount of contradiction…one of them is proven research in Taiwan clique on 32,000 patients that induced dementia and Alzheimer..for me caused severe depression and high blood pressure…so NO to this

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