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Best Friends Play Mitochondria Eve (Parasite Eve)

This is the special ending section from the Best Friends Play Parasite Eve compilation, given its own video. More information and links below.

*Information you probably don’t care about*
This is not a collection of every “mitochondria” and “sperm” mention throughout the LP. I only include mentions of each word where the mentions are complete and clear. This means that

A.) Incomplete mentions are not included. An incomplete mention is where the word was, for whatever reason, cut off. Ex: “mitoc…” or “spe…”
B.) Mentions where the other person who isn’t saying the word is talking over the person who is saying the word. Ex: if Pat says “sperm” but Woolie is talking over it, or vice versa.
C.) Also a few times in the LP the spoken word is “mitochondrial” and not “mitochondria”. This video doesn’t include those “mitochondrial” mentions.

TheSw1tcher Channel

Best Friends Webzone

This is video 22 of 33 of this Summer 2016 compilation marathon.


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