Sunday, May 16, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Understanding the neurological and biochemical factors underlying neuropsychiatric disorders

Opening new pathways to treatment

A great deal is now known about the neurobiology and biochemistry underlying a wide range of neuropsychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and autism. Understanding the biological basis of these disorders has aided in the development of more effective therapeutic strategies that draw from a range of holistic and integrative health approaches. This presentation will look at some of the new findings in the neurobiology of psychiatric illness and how novel interventions aimed at altering brain chemistry can have a positive impact.


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8 thoughts on “Understanding the neurological and biochemical factors underlying neuropsychiatric disorders
  1. This video should come with a disclosure statement making it clear that Dr. Goh profits from the sale of supplements. It would be nice if she spent more time reviewing the literature highlighting double-blind placebo controlled trials and whether or not they support the effectiveness of supplements in treating the disorders she highlights. Even better would be to highlight any meta-analyses of these studies if they exist.

    Also, the Kennedy Krieger Institute paper doesn't seem to be peer reviewed.

  2. Hi guys interesting talk We need to start seeing mental disorders as more flawed biochemistry than flawed character .I have good reason to be interested in this topic as through the "Walsh institute nutrient programme "i suceeded in fixing my brother s lifelong struggle with G A D in about 7_ 8 months amazing results .For the best quick synopsis of what they do go to you tube "Walsh institute n c t v 17 and 'podcast 132 + lots more videos .Interestingly they think they may have found the last piece of jijsaw for bipolar something to do with glia, cells astricites etc and the potassium removal . They presented their findings to the A P A in 2018 facinating . If you guys are not aware of Dr william walsh i think and i hope you will like what you see The organisation is a 5 0 1 charity and trains doctors round the world They have changed our lives wonderfull work they do So enjoy O also Dr albert mensah Mensah medical on youtube they also do walsh s nutrient therapy enjoy

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