Sunday, May 16, 2021

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2 thoughts on “Mitochondria not Hypochondria
  1. Great video. The only issue I have is the emphasis on deconditioning being the cause of lowered anaerobic threshold. I was an athlete and almost immediately my threshold was diminished significantly even though my fitness was still present. So while eventually de conditioning is a factor, the decreased mitochondrionial functioning pre-exists this and in fact caused the deconditioning. No amount of exercise will improve the mitochondria once they are damaged and in fact more exercise creates more free radicals further damaging the mitochondria. This is the core reason the PACE study recommendations are dangerous and ineffective.

  2. I hate the “mitochondria, not hypochondria” tagline. HATE IT. Unnecessary and does a disservice by even mentioning the possibility. I won’t share this video with family or friends bc of it. A shame bc it’s otherwise a good summary for them. Myhill made a mistake putting that stupid phrase into circulation and then perpetuating its use. Please consider editing your video!

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