Friday, May 7, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Zennoa New Product – SRQ – Introduction Presentation

SRQ is the New Product from Zennoa. Is a combination of powerful natural ingredients designed to kick start the body and mind by optimizing the mitochondria.
This new product was developed by the Japanese Institute of Applied Biochemistry to support brain cognition and help cells protect against the effects of free radicals. SRQ uses a proprietary blend of ingredients each with the exact proportions needed to support mitochondrial health. The mitochondria are the energy centers of our cells that turn oxygen, water, and food into energy. As we age, oxidation occurs and cell efficiency decreases. With SRQ we target the mitochondrial to support cellular function. Taken daily SRQ can help with energy, cognitive, weight loss and anti-aging. It is truly an amazing product.

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