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Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondrial Biogenesis – Make New Mitochondria Safe & Natural

Mitochondrial Biogenesis : Make New Mitochondria Safe & Natural
Link to Ultra Accel ll for mitochondrial biogenesis

CoQ10, PQQ andthe recently added & Chinese immortality vine together provide cellular energy and a Fountain of Youth (anti-aging) by repairing damaged mitochondria & even regenerating new mitochondria! Hence the name mitochondrial biogenesis.

The Chinese immortality vine takes PQQ and CoQ10 to the next level. Now we know that many chronic diseases directly correlate to the health and availability of our cellular mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the energy furnace packets found our cells. Mitochondria have their own DNA. PQQ is plant based natural compound. Only supplementation provides enough PQQ to enhance the mitochondria.

The immortality vine boosts the cells’ ability to produce AMP, the fundamental fuel of our bodies. Mitochondria produce more energy for our cellular functions when there are more mitochondria which can make AMP which is the body’s fuel for driving life’s many reactions.

Add CoQ10 to the mix and you have a trifecta of cellular energy production which is the was to go. CoQ10 stimulates the heart muscle as it beats 2 1/2 billion times in a lifetime. We make our own CoQ10, but we are not able to meet our needs after the age of 40.

Plants are required for PQQ. Combining PQQ and CoQ10 will make you feel more energized. Upgrade your CoQ10 with PQQ & Chinese immortality vine.

Dr. Al Sears has a PQQ and Q10 supplement which is already into its first upgrade. Now with the addition of the immortality vine, it is appropriately called Ultra Accel ll. The ll designates the upgrade and means we are current in our information as well as evergreen with regard to energy production.

Click the link at the start of this description to get Dr. Sears’ Ultra Accel ll.

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10 thoughts on “Mitochondrial Biogenesis – Make New Mitochondria Safe & Natural
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  4. Winner of a video, been searching for "mitochondria weight" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Miyason Mitochondria Masker – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got cool results with it.

  5. PQQ is an example of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So taking overdose of PQQ CAN cause serious damage. PQQ is not a feel good supplement like your common vitamin C or superoxide dismutase. PQQ induces hormesis (ie, stresses the body) in order to get the body to respond in the opposite, that is, if it is still healthy and strong enough to be able to do so.

    Too much (stress) induced by PQQ though, and the body, especially in the frail elderly, could cause irreversible damage instead. PQQ depletes glutathione and perhaps also other antioxidants in the body in order to stress the body out. Just like a cold shower; a young healthy person can handle and recover from that kind of torturous temperature shock, but a frail 90 y.o could easily die from such a shock. Remember that a frail 90 y.o is already in a constant state of oxidative stress with very low numbers of healthy mitochondria to sustain life, and any other hormetic stresses deliberately added on top of that would be likened to the feather that breaks the camels back.

    So be warned when giving this to frail elderly. It could make or break them in one go. Use PQQ with extreme caution and wisdom. Think of PQQ supplements as a poison in small doses to stimulate the body to defend itself. As it is a stressor, you don't want to take PQQ every day to create a chronic stress situation for the body. That would be like being on the junk-filled Western diet. Nothing good comes from it. So PQQ should not be taken every day but once every few day in small doses appropriate for the health status of the person and their age. You could also liken it to alcohol except that its toxcity don't make you drunk. Alcohol in small medicinal doses extends life because it also has hormetic effects, but in doses that makes people drunk will shorten life.

  6. Mitochondria is made by men side becouse it is damaged and then it causes physical damage men. Tries to show himself in good light always but fact is girls have mitochondria of men in 50 procent and it is recycled suicide damaged cells with destroyed decaying powerhouse and estrogenic compound can produce melanine it is thanks to girls in africa men can survive not men and men mitochondria causes cellular decline and death

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