Friday, May 7, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Flowgrade Show #35: Dr. Jack Kruse – Skiing In Underwear Or How To Hack Your Mitochondria

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In this episode with brilliant neurosurgeon and biohacking mitochondriac, Dr. Jack Kruse, you will learn how to have more energy, produce more flow, reduce inflammation and live longer by upgrading our mitochondria. Jack goes into detail about how light is hydrating our cells, why the eye is the most important organ to tell the time, why astronauts are in big trouble and why you should consider skiing naked. He is highly entertaining one of a kind character with tremendous knowledge. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it!

Dr. Jack Kruse is one of the globe’s leading Quantum Health experts and with a vast knowledge on quantum biology and the underlying workings of how our bodies actually manage to stay alive. He’s authored the masterpiece Epi-Paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health.

3:00 About why mitochondria are important for our health
6:30 The easiest ways to rate your flow potential
10:25 How our cells get programmed
13:15 How blue light causes inflammation and low energy
18:45 On using red light lamps and doing “mito hacks”
20:15 How Jack developed the Quantlet with Ruben Salinas
23:00 Should you wear sunglasses while skiing?
25:00 Jack challenges me to ski down the mountain in my underwear
25:30 An example of an electron-rich diet and our need for DHA
28:45 Why Jack is not a fan of fish oil
30:45 On Vitamin D, Vitamin A, DHA and our ability to tell time
35:15 How light gets into the mitochondria
37:00 About biophotons in food and human photosynthesis
43:30 How the concept of time is created by in our body using light frequencies
47:30 The perception of time for blind people
49:30 The problems astronauts face in space
53:10 Why going to Mars is a stupid idea
56:00 On the Monsanto-Bayer deal and making connections
57:15 How to become a mitochondriac
1:00:00 The one book Jack recommends everyone to read
1:02:15 What Jack wants everyone to do after listening to this podcast

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34 thoughts on “Flowgrade Show #35: Dr. Jack Kruse – Skiing In Underwear Or How To Hack Your Mitochondria
  1. Quick & simple question:
    in LCD panels colours are controlled via RGB signals and in this way can be controlled (OSD menu or whatever) in every monitor – does turning blue part completely off eliminate it sufficiently ? Or the blue light blocking glasses are still necessary/usable ?

    My way of thinking is that the source – light emitting diode – creates highly unnatural light, yet is has to get through liquid-crystal panel which acts as an active filter composed of red, green and blue filters. I do no colour-critical work so colour-accuracy is of no concern to me.

  2. Wow I love love all your information!!!! Interestingly I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and anemia not too long after I moved to a heavy blue light environment called Las Vegas pulse I work in a dental office.. Is there a way to reverse they hypo using your diet recommendations and bio hacks?? Please answer me dying to know thank you!!!!

  3. I love fish and used to eat it regularly .. however, should we not be concerned with the Mercury or radiation in the ocean.. thank you so much!!

  4. I think jack Kruse is a genius on mitochondria etc, but i'm afraid he is wrong about satellites, going to mars and so-called astronauts living in space. investigate that he would be a true way-seer. otherwise i love the man

  5. You had a great interview, one of my favorite that I've seen (watched several)! As a host I thought everything you did was awesome, including the outline in the notes section of this video! Of course Dr. Jack is brilliance!.☺ saved to my favorites. Thank you!

  6. Ditto to post before me….. L>A>RA awards!So grateful for this in depth information and well founded knowledge. It took me ages to get thru video as had to keep stopping and going back while jotting rough rough notes, but halleilujah– finally it is out there!

  7. Jack,….how does one manipulate "house water, distilled or otherwise" to become "phase IV" water with a large EZ space? Do we need to have some method other than putting a "container" of water out in the sun to do this?

  8. So "blue light" being in the spectrum of ~420-460nm is bad? Why not come up with lighting that blocks this portion of the visible spectrum in Operating rooms, houses, apartments, computer laptops, etc. What's the big freakin' deal?

  9. And again,….we did not evolve either…God made Man in his image….and we did NOT evolve over 5 million years….we have zero evidence of this Jack… anyone evidence. Remember, Jack,…question "everything". Don't talk about Creation or Evolution….you lose a lot of pundits doing this. Learn my friend.

  10. You want to help people yet charge them $1000 for a device that shines light onto their skin via the wrist..? Why does everyone on this bio hacking community create these ridiculously expensive products

  11. Everybody says this, but I don’t get it. How can there be no red and so much blue in the screens or indoor light? Images there look pretty much like the outdoors. And white looks like white, not blue. And red looks red. Wouldn’t it look weird if there was an unnatural ratio of colours?

  12. Health is obviuosly a privilege of both informed and wealthy. One can be informed and yet have no possibility to stare at the sunrise on all fours or spend time outdoors or shield from EMF…
    But this is very informative and well worth time for watching it!

  13. Kruse's greatest gift is conveying this extremely high level knowledge to a fairly understandable level, even the though much of the science is over my head. I've been Keto since I saw his interview on Primal Edge Health 3 years ago and I've been back to my high-school weight since, but the lights aspect of health is a whole other factor as a Canadian. I don't ware sun screen or use sunglasses to block the sun, and do enjoy a bit of tanning in the summer. I need to get me some of the blu-light blocking shades as I spend a lot of time on the computer.

  14. Can anyone share the video Jack talks about that studies the effects of pink light on mice? It was an older documentary. Thank you.

  15. This was excellent. I’ll need to re-listen sometime. I am lucky to have had an eclectic grandfather who experimented around by connecting his apple tree stump (assumed to be lifeless) to electricity… well it came back to life. I knew this from such a young age, and so I always thought about biology slightly differently

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