Monday, May 17, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

A Mitochondrial Etiology of Common Complex Diseases

Douglas C. Wallace, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine (CMEM)
Professor, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


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18 thoughts on “A Mitochondrial Etiology of Common Complex Diseases
  1. Circadian arrhythmia = “disease x” "it's generally thought to be a genetic disease which is triggered by environmental factors” = researchers steeped in Darwin’s paradigm have no clue because they are not a mitochondriac.

  2. I agree, Jack Kruse, that the Darwinian concept of evolution, particularly as conceived in the mainstream, the establishment, and the patriarchy, is characterized as a genetic arms race. This idea has won the day and has influenced (controlled) the direction of medical research, much to the detriment of human patients. It was about the magic bullet and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This idea worked for infectious disease and the same approach has been used for metabolic disease (including cancer) with dismal results for patients and outstanding results for industry. Sequencing the human genome helped researchers, and the establishment, realize that genetics was not so significant and it is about epigenetics and the health of the microbiome.

    There is a better concept of Darwinian evolution that remains suppressed from the mainstream: sybiogenesis or endosymbiosis. Bacteria, which dominate the planet have helped multicelled organisms along the way in a symbiotic relationship. Mitochondria were a bacteria that figured out how to process oxygen and formed a relationship with multicelled organisms. Without bacteria, there would be no, so called, macro evolution.

    Then we get into the special requirements of particular species. It is the gut bacteria that allows a giraffe to eat acacia leaves exclusively, or a koala to eat eucalyptus leaves exclusively, or a panda to eat bamboo leaves exclusively. These animals, in the wild, eat only one thing and it is up to the microbiota to generate the essential nutrients the animal needs.

    I won't get into the special requirements of the human species other than to say we do appear to have one, and it is unique to our species and determined by our evolutionary history and the origin of bipedal apes.

  3. In fact, according to Wallace, it's the Mendelian theory of genetic traits being passed down that continues to be hammered into medical students at the standard medical schools. I'm not too sure standard Darwinism, let alone Endosymbiotic Theory is in the regular medical curriculum. Hopefully that will be changing.

  4. Great lecture! Enjoyed the part on the differences between mendelian/anatomical diseases and mitochondrial/energy diseases!

    Regarding the 8m mark, if 30% of the weight in humans is mitochondria (10^17 cells), that each have this electrical potential capacitor-like function.. any thoughts if exposure to external Light/PEMF can be beneficial/harmful? For example, isn't near infrared-light absorbed in the mitochondria by the Complex IV enzyme, leading to faster wound healing? What about magnet rings or magnetic mattress pads?

    I get how a prolonged loss of Complex 1 function can gives rise to Parkinson's.. either through the decrease of ATP or the increase in metabolites (L-2GH, etc).. but why is it that a minor inhibition (Class A or Class B) of Complex I also appears to provide positive benefit?! For example, Metformin, a weak C1 inhibitor, seems to engage AMPK/autophagy, with signs of anti-aging, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory! Is it possible that the correlation between aging and the reduced mitrochondrial capacity (assuming the relationship is causal) is an adaptive response, not mal-adaptive, and attempts to increase output via intravenous NADH+ are not ideal? A better approach may be to slightly lower mitochondria output, such that it lowers the ROS (H202)/inflammation signaling and increases the 'low-resources' signaling? 57m

    Regarding the 15m mark on why mitophagy and the 13 peptides used in C1-C4 are all encoded in the mitochondria (ex. PINK1 /PARKIN , Cytochrome C)… given nuclear dna has many more protective mechanisms (nucleosomal histone proteins, etc), coupled with the constantly replicating colony of bacteria/mitochondria within a cell, this seems more error-prone since any mitochondrial dysfunction to the mitophagy mechanism (caused by pollution, Rotenone pesticides, etc) would go unchecked and accumulate leading to aging/pathology, no?

    Regarding the 35m mark, I've heard David Reich and Spencer Wells talk about work on mapping the human origin/migration/Phylogenetics.. did Wallace work with Reich/Wells?

    I also recommend Doug's interview on the IHMC Stem Talk Podcast (14m, 47m, 58m. 1h23m)!

  5. Fascinating talk. Please read Mae-Wan Ho who asserts that the body’s connective tissues and cells are attuned to each other in a quantum coherent field such that they form a liquid crystalline matrix which gives a rainbow effect under a polarising microscope. “The rainbow in the worm means that organisms are liquid crystalline and coherent to a high degree, even quantum coherent. This means that the entire organism is electrically polarized from head to tail, like a single uni-axial crystal. Not only are the macromolecules in all the tissues and cells perfectly aligned, but also the 80% by weight of water. Actually, it is the water that makes the entire organism liquid crystalline because this water is liquid crystalline, in the sense that the indi-vidual molecules are ordered and electrically aligned, much more so than in bulk water. Above all, in order to see the rainbow colors in the living organism, the liquid crystalline molecules not only have to be aligned, but also moving coherently, macromolecules and water molecules together. Because coherent molecular motions are much slower than vis-ible light vibrations, the ordered alignment of molecules will still be registered by the light passing through.”

  6. Although this is great teaching, don't forget the much bigger picture. We were created by our creator. We did not evolve from monkeys. God is the one and only perfect creator and designer of us and our universe. Please read His love letter given to us, the Bible, cover to cover. Please learn about God's son, Jesus Christ, the only one who died for our sins. Our body is temporary. Our spirit will live forever. Don't sacrifice your soul just to prolong your temporary carcass.

  7. What an enormously packed presentation! thanks for sharing this! Slowly we progress in knowledge but it just gets more and more complex as we continue to discover the actual workings of nature. How can it not be complex after a few billion years of evolution? We can't imagine how long that is so it is natural that we are surprised about the complexity.

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