Friday, May 7, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria and Fatigue – How to Boost your Mitochondria to Beat Fatigue with Dr. Sarah Myhill

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Boost your mitochondria to beat fatigue. When you start strengthening your mitochondria you will see that you r energy levels rise. Watch this to find out how.

In this podcast, I speak with Dr. Sarah Myhill, who is a world-renowned chronic fatigue expert. Dr. Myhill is not on the podcast circuit and you’ve probably never heard of her before. That’s because she doesn’t really have an online presence — she is a clinician and researcher on the front lines of treating people with fatigue. And she has been on the cutting-edge of that for decades now. That’s what I love about her.

She’s not only developed some amazing protocols for healing people with fatigue, but she has also done breakthrough game-changing research in this field. We get into all that in the interview.

Of all physicians specializing in this area, I believe that Dr. Myhill has probably the most impressive understanding of the causes of fatigue and how to fix it.

Below are the interview time codes for where we talk about specific subjects:

Why modern western medicine is failing us (3:25)
Why fatigue is an imbalance of energy generation and energy demand (4:20)
Why your body is like a car (6:10)
How we spend half our energy we spend just on staying alive (8:32)
Sarah’s take on the holes in our body’s energy bucket (9:17)
Why the adrenals are not the primary cause of fatigue (12:25)
How a poor energy delivery can cause common symptoms of fatigue (13:05)
How chronic fatigue syndrome and infections cause Myalgic Encephalitis (15:00)
How practitioners are terribly influenced by their personal experiences when it comes to treating patients (15:50)
Why she named her book: It’s Mitochondria, Not Hypochondria (19:23)
The connection between ME and chronic fatigue syndrome (25:45)
Her thoughts on whether people with “adrenal fatigue” have got mitochondrial dysfunction (26:10)
The most basic lifestyle interventions gets people a long way in boosting recovery (26:40)
Why the heart suffers when you have a poor mitochondrial function. (27:25)
The preferred dietary fuel for mitochondria (28:32)
Why a good diet and a good gut function is so important (32:03)
Challenges with the ketogenic diet (34:44)
How Hypothyroidism can cause problems when following a ketogenic diet (36:35)
How to get around the challenge when the body cannot cope with a ketogenic diet (37:40)
Sarah explains hypothyroidism and why lifestyle is causing of thyroid issues (38:13)
Why 50% of the world’s population might suffer from insulin resistant diabetes by 2030 (41:40)
How nutrient deficiencies causes mitochondrial dysfunction. (44:19)
Power, Sex, and Suicide. Mitochondria and the meaning of life (50:09)
Sarah’s theory why Dolly the sheep only lived to be 6 years (50:33)
How weak mitochondria causes cell suicide and muscle loss as we age (54:15)
How heavy metal exposure and products of the fermenting gut can cause weakened mitochondria (55:38)
Why the liver is the most important organ and is using the most energy in the body (56:28)
Why infections and long-term consumption of prescription and over the counter drugs are inhibiting the mitochondria (57:47)
Lack of vitamin C is a major risk factor for infection (1:03:15)
Why we think we have won the infectious disease battle, and why we should not rest on the laurels (1:03:20)
Why vitamin C is crucial for a good health (1:04:30)
The three to five top strategies for optimal mitochondrial function (1:06:23)



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33 thoughts on “Mitochondria and Fatigue – How to Boost your Mitochondria to Beat Fatigue with Dr. Sarah Myhill
  1. Such a great interview!! After years of treatment for chronic lyme/co-infections/chronic fatigue/chronic pain etc and all the personal research that went with that, i just KNEW something was missing ~ this is the missing link! As i was watching it was as if a flood of pieces of information previously obtained were swirling around my brain like little fire flies lol. Loved the doctor, loved the interview!

  2. Wow – this is exciting stuff. Dr. Sarah is wonderful human treasure and resource. Amazingly good and credible insights. Great interviewing structure and technique to keep it all directed towards actionable and pragmatic knowledge transmission.

  3. I'll stick with Jack Kruse's Mitochondria theories thank You. Sunlight and electron/proton exchanges are the key.

    This lady is a just a food junkie. Mitochondria functions within the cell depend more on quality H+ water over duetronium water and proton and electron exchange /redox potential of the mitochondria. Not carbohydrate, amino acid and lipid exchanges.

    Avoid anything that reduces the redox potential ie flouride and junk water. Take Iodine (eat shell fish, shrimp). Get DHA (the vital element in electron transport, via eating cold water fish, salmon, tuna etc) to aid in minimizing the effects of flouride. Get morning and afternoon sunlight. Don't wear sunscreens and don't use sunglasses outside during the day. Minimize man made blue light sources and wear blue blockers inside your office or home.

    Man was meant to be outdoors in the sunlight, grounded, not stuck under artificial blue lights. The reason we see cancers and other mitochodria related diseases increase exponentialy since 1880's is because that is when man create AC electricity. Get outdoors. Get grounded and drink spring water set in sunlight.

  4. Could you please write the names of the supplements Dr. advice, for ME,at the end of interview, English is not my 1sr language. I don't get them.
    I really thank you both Drs., fot this usefull information, with all my hart. .

  5. Wow, what an amazing interview full of information. I am going to have to recap and take some notes and go buy her book. I tired of all the Dr.'s telling me CFS/ME is in my head. Something in the military triggered this, I used to be a powerhouse and now I feel like I'm 90 years old and I have been fighting this issue for over 12 years with no clear resolution. I have gained more ground in the last year than ever before. Thanks so much!

  6. Judy Mikovits discovered that retroviruses injected via vaccines are responsible for millions of cases of chronic fatigue. She almost lost her life by coming forward with the truth. Her book Plague tells the story.

  7. Thank you! Dr Sarah Myhill is now on my list of heroes for sure! I will make sure I read her book! So interesting!
    And the bit near the end… major incentive to get myself off of Nexium. I was told because I have GERD problems, I need to take it because it’s the acid that causes esophageal cancer! 😳

  8. I've done the keto diet , checked my thyroid, liver ,adrenals , hormones , yoga , tai chi , sunlight , supplements , exercise 4 times a week and i still wake up feeling like crap :/ i did a genetic test and came out +/+ mthfr 677t mutation and my organic acid test showed i have extremely low nor epinephrine but every other neurotransmitter looked fine , came out high in candida and is now gone after 6 months but i still feel so fatiged and flat line throughout the day , i sleep good but wake up tired and have to rely on kratom so i can work and work out idk what is wrong with me? Fyi i was addicted to opiates for 12 years from an accident i had and been sober for almost a year now , can my fatiguebrain fog and depression be cause from paws or the addiction i had ? Please help ! I wanna give up 🙁

  9. Dr Myhill, you are a legend! Your book is my constant companion. And you've highlighted some very significant points like gluten, strictly paleo and vitamin C that have put a fire under my butt. Gonna get back to eating like a caveman. Hooha!
    Thanks Ari for initiating a great interview. 🙂

  10. 2:30 She mentioned dental amalgams. After suffering from unexplained fatigue, depression etc for most of my adult life, I finally figured out it was most likely that I was mercury toxic from my amalgam tooth fillings. I had those fillings for over thirty years. I recently had 13 amalgams safely removed by a IAOMT trained dentist. I’m hoping for my health and energy levels to improve over time. Amalgams fillings are 50 percent mercury. This mercury slowly leaks in the form of vapor and is breathed in slowly poisoning the person over time. Everyone should watch “Smoking teeth” on YouTube. Most dentists don’t use amalgams anymore but many still do in America. Low income children and adults along with our military are still having amalgams placed. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin and should have never been put in anyone’s mouth and it should be a crime to put it in anyones mouth.

  11. Excellent interview with this stellar researching doctor. Here's a news flash. As an herbalist I think the mitochondria and stealth viruses are at the heart of autoimmune diseases, too. God created our fabulous immune system to protect us from all sorts of invasions. Imagine any organ or gland tissue having been infiltrated by many very tiny Epstein Barr Viruses who are using that cell to replicate themselves. Your immune defenders recognize that cell is compromised. And after mitosis, your new cells will be damaged and possibly malignant while the virus has doubled its forces looking for another cell to infiltrate. That immune defender will destroy your cell. Its doing its job to protect you. Now the craziest idea is to down regulate your immunity to protect a mutated cell makes no sense. So, how in the heck did 90% of the population get infected by EBV, retroviruses, and loads more (nearly 2 dozen)? And you've had them since childhood? Dr. Myhill says a plague is coming from all the antibiotics and vaccinations. She is right!!!!! Read the book Plague by Judy Mikovitz…. sobering! Thank you so much for having this excellent doctor on your show. ❤️

  12. Dr Myhill you are just the kind of doctor I was looking for 30 plus years ago when my then small children became quite ill and continue to this day to be very sick. The only options we were given was medicate or operate ! No one until recently when I have managed to find some broad thinking doctors thought to wonder why they were so sick !

  13. Always great to see an ex GP who has taken such an in-depth approach to medicine. I've come across Dr. Myhill's work before and she's a brilliant example of the direction that western needs to go in.

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