Monday, May 17, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Fasting, Cancer Prevention & Mitochondria Health – Dr. Nasha Winters

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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Dr. Nasha Winters is a 20 year cancer survivor and author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer:

We discuss cancer as a metabolic disease, mitochondrial dysfunction as it relates to cancer and novel anti-cancer compounds.

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02:23 Shifts in the View of Cancer
04:25 Dysfunctional Mitochondria and DNA Repair:
08:10 Ketogenic Diet as a Cancer Therapy: K
10:01Testing for Mitochondrial Dysfunction:
16:54 Significance of High LDH (Lactase Dehydrogenase):
20:20 Antioxidants and Cancer Treatment:
22:10 Hormesis for Healing
25:05 Diversifying the Microbiome:
31:49 Cancer Rates:
33:40 Men vs Women Cancer Rates:
36:09 Link between Autoimmune Disease and Cancer:
38:48 Addressing TH1/TH2 Swings:
41:10 Dr. Winters’ Cancer Diagnosis:
48:07 Making Small Changes:
51:36 Mental Recovery from Cancer:
56:13 Epazote, Apricot Seeds and Avocado Seeds
01:02:25 Toxin Storage in the Liver Myth:
01:05:14 Cyclical Ketosis Bases Upon Seasons:
01:07:11 Benefits of Fasting:
01:09:52 Dr. Winters’ Morning Routine:
01:11:54 Dr. Winters’ Favorite Herb or Nutrient: Olives are her choice. They are her favorite food. They are nutrient dense and full of fat. Her herb choice would be mistletoe in an injectable form.
01:12:48 Dr. Winters’ Choice of Exercise for Cancer Prevention or Fighting: High intensity intervals are her choice. We did more burst type exercise when we lived in nature.
01:13:42 Dr. Winters’ Elevator Speech: We need to think about food quality, getting back to what our grandparents and great-grandparents were eating. Step away from the industrialization of food and get people growing their own.


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46 thoughts on “Fasting, Cancer Prevention & Mitochondria Health – Dr. Nasha Winters
  1. Researchers from the Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology have found glutathione in avocados can be absorbed into our mitochondria and neutralize free radicals.

  2. how come people cannot stop eating after dinner ? because they buy junk food that looks like food, taste even better than food, but is no food…. chemicals, not what the body needs, so it craves & craves….. will power, many people lost that long time ago… brainwashed by commercials since birth….

  3. Otto Warburg, discovered that cancer loved sugar in the early 20th century. It has taken our scientists almost 100 years to piece it all together. Mind you, there's not much money in a nutritional cure for cancer. Just follow the money.

  4. Did not know that aspirin damages mitochondria. I see so many sources recommending low dose aspirin for it's anti-inflammatory/anti-stoke effects. Was she saying that the negatives of aspirin outweigh the positives in normal healthy people?

  5. Very impressive… I deal with medical KOLs in my job, but right now, Dr. Winters would be the KOL whose perspective I’d need for my own health. I want a consultation…

  6. My only objection to the point about vegans: I can’t argue that Dr Winter’s vegan patients are not oxydized. Generally a lot of vegans beat non-vegans at longevity however.

  7. Mushrooms man. My grandmother taught us back in the '60s what mushrooms to pick and when. Saute in butter with scrambled eggs…awesome on a rainy September day. Mushroom pickin' is a lost skill. Cause the wrong one can kill you fast!

  8. Another really nice made interview …and by the way exactly my point of view regarding keto πŸ˜‰ …we also ordered the book. Thank again and maybe it is time to interview Mark Sisson πŸ˜‰ he recommends quite the same approach for LC/Keto

  9. Probably the best interview I've ever heard! I'm just starting to learn about my mitochondria…I know late to the game, but I've just been doing what was necessary to survive. Now I hope by understanding how all my puzzle pieces fit together I can get this done! Thank you Mike!!!

  10. Can regular MistleToe / Low-Dose Naltrexone injection be used as a prevention to cancer? Any recommended clinics/brands?

    Update: There was a good episode of 'Stuff to Blow Your Mind' that talks about the history of mistletoe, and it's popularity in Germany.. ancient medical books apparently prescribed it for fertility and colon cancer! I wonder like scurvy and vitamin-C, I wonder how many actual cures exist among the woo-woo in in long forgotten books and research papers! (The episode of Innovation Hub talking about James Lind is also worth a listen)

  11. You did a great interview. You are a good listener and ask good questions. I am Whole Food Plant Based Vegan and do fasting more from a True North perspective. I am looking at this perspective more for my dog. My dog is 14 and has Cancer. I found the Purdue study that if I had fed him raw vegetables with his food for all these years, it would have decreased his risk of Cancer by 90%. Too late to prevent it. He won't eat Coconut oil or drink Heavy Cream and he won't eat raw, not even one bite of any of those. and He won't eat Whole Food Plant Based either, so I am doing fasting with him. That is why I watched this. Thanks.

  12. Thank you for the wonderful information. But how can Cancer in an 8 month old be explained? How can their mitochondria be damaged and non functional at that age? By the way, I just started IF on the 25 of October, I’ve been fasting everyday for a lapse of 17-18 hours it’s easier than I thought. I started doing it because I wanted to reduce some belly fat and I’ve learned so much mire during these days regarding fasting. The most impressive change I noticed today were rosy cheeks!!! I am 53 years old and have never ever had rosy cheeks!!! I even went to the gym without any foundation on!! Unreal, for me at least. So, if my cheeks are rosy I must be getting rid of junk that made my skin drab. I’m in!!

  13. 46 minutes into this interview I still did not get any vital information about healing cancer. Too much talk, too little info for cancer patients. I have ordered Dr. Nascha's book nevertheless and I hope I will get more hands on Infos.

  14. Currently reading her book. Great info, except, the vegetarian bashing, misinformation on vitamin B12 and vegan diet. Does Dr. Winter know about plant based keto?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  15. Love soaked small uruk, apricot kernels , I am from Central Asia , that is common to eat in our culture, and we eat it more than 3-10 pieces !! We add them in jams. Amaretto cookies have extract of it

  16. Brilliant talk! Thank you!!
    But Injecting liver extract is like injecting anything in vaccines, skipping those defense barriers of the immune system by going through with a needle inside and inject it , Huh!

  17. ahh!!! i didnt know about this interview till now, I didnt even watch this yet and im excited. Good person to have on Mike!!

    update: Wow too many positive things to say about this vid. But as most of us here know, This is Great, QUALITY doctoring. Some doctors will treat you like an object on a conveyor belt, the best doctors will try and figure out your personal story like Sherlock.

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