Sunday, May 16, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

AHS17 The Role of Mitochondria In Ancestral Development – Jeff Leighton

Hundreds of millions of years ago, mitochondria were independent microbes, not cellular symbiotes as they are today. The transition from microbe to symbiote is the single most important transition in the development all vertebrates, including humans. Functionally the role of mitochondria is to generate energy in the form of the high-energy molecule, ATP. ATP is our main energy molecule which maintains all functions within our cells. This presentation will review mechanisms to enhance mitochondrial function (ATP generation), reduce mitochondrial death (apoptosis) and mitochondrial biogenesis. And will further attempt to answer the question: “Can we develop safe, natural product approaches to enhance our mitochondria’s ability to generate ATP?”


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5 thoughts on “AHS17 The Role of Mitochondria In Ancestral Development – Jeff Leighton
  1. Great except for the nonsense about out of africa, which is irrelevant anyway. No one found ancient DNA of mitochondia that proves where humans came from in some 200k+ year old fossil, and even if they did that is not proof of the origin of the species because we have something called natural selection so if a particular strain of mtdna offered advantage then eventually it would spread to everyone regardless of whether there were any migrations at all.

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