Friday, May 7, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Protein Transport into Mitochondria | Part II

This is the second part of Transport of proteins into Mitochondria.
In this video two pathway have been discussed in detail :
1. OXA 1 mediated Pathway
2. TOM 40 and TOM 70 mediated Pathway.

Both these pathways facilitates the Import of Proteins into Inner Mitochondrial Membrane.


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18 thoughts on “Protein Transport into Mitochondria | Part II
  1. i'm a university student and in a few days i have a cellular biology exam… honestly speaking you explained this process better than my professor, and im finallt able to understand it, thanks!

  2. in order to be perfect you just need to explain the SAM complex and the insertion of proteins into the outer membrane…and the two forces that help the transport: ATP and electrochemical gradient

  3. Didn't get the part B … Here you are saying about the protein with Internal targeting sequence.. Is Matrix targeting sequence and internal targeting sequence same??

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