Friday, May 7, 2021

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2 thoughts on “Dr Giovanni Bénard – A cannabinoid link between mitochondria and memory
  1. Mitochondrial exhaustion promotes chronic disease… period

    This is a relax, chill button

    Literally asking people not to oil you engines

    So….. there is that (in reply to conclusion “don’t smoke weed”)

  2. Mitochondria remember differently because they are separate. Maybe mitochondria can communicate with mitochondria in the mother and father. Chemically and even through physical touch. Maybe mitochondria rdna is where the past experiences of our ancestors are all stored, since all of the mitochondria passed on the lessons of the past because they never forgot. Maybe this is how wild animals train their young to hunt. With the force and midichlorians. Maybe mitochondria are midichlorians😳😵!! The mighty mitochondria!

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