Thursday, September 23, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Foods That Boost Mitochondria and Increase Energy

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What to eat to boost mitochondrial functioning? What nutrients do the power house of the cell need for you to have an abundance of energy?

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36 thoughts on “Foods That Boost Mitochondria and Increase Energy
  1. Interesting observation that when we eat an animal's organ meat, we're eating its mitochondria. This makes me curious — do those mitochondria then move into our cells (if we're eating the meat raw)?

  2. Cue the statin debate. Statins act by blocking the pathway that produces mevelonate. The knock on effect is that other metabolic pathways are inhibited including CoQ10. No wonder patients on higher doses of statins (40mg – 80mg ) complain of tiredness. Statins use also results in rhabdomyolysis which is a cause of myalgia, another side effect.

  3. Any idea what would be a reasonable amount of cacao to add to diet? I started adding raw cacao to black coffee and enjoy the taste, so now it's just a matter of figuring out target dosage. I'm in my 50s, and training to run a 10K. Trying to improve stamina.

  4. Thyroid hormones are a major factor in increasing mitochondria. Vitamin a is essential for thyroid hormones to work. True vitamin a is only found in animal foods, a lot of people are deficient in this because beta carotene is only converted for a bit. Cod liver oil and beef liver are good sources.

    Cacao not listed, but in descending order in this are (see table 1):
    Green tea and Oolong tea
    Green peppers
    From section 5.0 (pg 33):
    “Oral dose of 28 μg of… PQQ… Sixty-two percent of this dose was absorbed in the lower intestine after 24 hours, with 81% of the absorbed dose excreted in the urine… The assessment suggests that roughly 50% of PQQ disodium salt is metabolized.”

  6. Creatine works but I had very bad results with D-ribose, especially in dosage like creatine. I am not sure that ribose can do really something good for athletes. Generally I recommend no more 1/10 the dosage of creatine taken for this molecule. However, CO Q10, PQQ, NMN and NR are best choices for energy and longevity I guess.

  7. Siim! Be careful don't eat any chicken livers or chicken organ meat because they'll have arsenic in them. You're often in the dark I hope you're going outside three times a day grounding your feet and soaking up some sunshine. Make sure you get B1 and B3.

  8. The French supercentenarian, Jeanne Calment, who lived to 122, purportedly indulged is as much as a kilogram of dark chocolate a week. But, clearly, serious genetics seems to have been involved.

  9. 0:12 I totally did that. I suffered extreme oxidative stress due to drug use, so when I quit I started taking lots of antioxidants which make me feel great, although I still 6 months after need to improve my mitochondria.
    Soo, I might have cancer?

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