Thursday, September 23, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Inhibitors of Electron Transport Chain

In this video we have discussed the Inhibitors of Electron Transport Chain. The ETC components that are present in Inner mitochondrial membrane are the target of these inhibitors which inhibit the flow of electrons in the chain.



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27 thoughts on “Inhibitors of Electron Transport Chain
  1. Great you have discussed information others done. Also could you make a video about how the complexes can inhibit oxidative phosphorylation. eg if iron is part of all of the stages what forms work what forms don't? What is you have low copper in your body and cant make ceruloplamin  in the liver to allow iron to work?

  2. you deserve more likes, sorry but I really don't like indian accent but I loved it when I turned it into 1.25. What I would really like to emphasize in that this video really helped me, a medicine student a lot. Being precise and direct to the title of your video 🙂

  3. THIS VIDEO IS VERY GOOD! I should've found this sooner, would have been really helpful! But the accent is not easy for for one like me to listen at speed! Playing at .75 speed is fine though!

  4. Your explanation is very presice and easy to understand. It is perfect for stds to understand the basics and be clear. Can u make separate videos about the preparation of various entrance exams such as CSIR, GATE ICAR NET. That will be beneficial as well

  5. Inhibition of complex I will lead to a build-up NADH, which will allosterically inhibit regulatory steps of the TCA. Complex II is a part of the TCA, which will decrease the activity of complex II. The two are connected in this way. Great video but I just wanted to touch on this as I think it's important 🙂

  6. Hello dear sir prof hussain, i wonder the etc system and count the best explain in your video, first i want to thanks for your good explain to it s in my brain now, i wonder that in your explain sentence the 3.12 second to 3.15 second you talk about q cycle, it compete with qb for binding sites, but what is qb i didn't undertsand this short term

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