Thursday, September 16, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

The Sumerian Mitochondrion Ancestors ∸

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48 thoughts on “The Sumerian Mitochondrion Ancestors ∸
  1. I really really really enjoyed the book " Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushiete Empire," how she broke down the history of our ancestors and how she mentioned the Sumerians almost 100 years ago. She was an genius much respect to the ancestor

  2. Whoa… these things look crazy. So these are some kind of crystals related to mitochondria that help make energy? Are they in our body now or something we have to take? Sounded like he mentioned a plant and sperm lol… I'm bit confused on that part. It also seemed like he was implying these crystals have their own consciousness or something, maybe even a mini species… which is something that I thought about myself as being possible, considering with waves and stuff they have an inverse property where smaller is more powerful. If tru that is wild. What are they called anyways? The shape of them looks just like the ankh, or an anvil or even Thor's hammer moljnir and other warhammers. It also looks like the bells we see in lots of buddist art and temples. I have seen that cross/bell shape pattern everywhere. I am surprised that we have never heard of these things before… this seems like a game changer.

  3. "All form is a dance" – some random happy dancing electron

    (Witnessed while injesting Salvia Divinorum)

    There truly is Gnosis in this video 🧙‍♂️

  4. This is George Merkyl's lecture on Sumeria which can be found on youtube.
    Incredibly grateful for theresistence/secretenergy group and the massive amounts of free works and opportunities presented.
    Open-source means the original code is made freely available and able to be redistributed and modified; the creators are still benefiting from passive-wealth generation, and multitudes of resources generating opportunities;
    The question is:
    How do you sustain oneself, maintain the message's integrity while still maintaining true to the open-source paradigm?
    How do we acknowledge with respect the .torrent-like beginnings of these truths without limiting our wealth of energy by giving freely?
    And how does that all relate to raising the djed, the middle path, and the overall bridgework we're intended to do here?
    There is no easy answer, and I can only say I shall live by these questions instead of easily snubbing them out with an answer that is not 'all emcompassing'. No words can describe the gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to ask of and define this quest of ions.

  5. The language of correspondences is lost on most Assyriologists. Eagle heads mean keen perception or penetrating intelligence. The "tree" represents a sensation of awareness of the spine or centeredness of value in the innermost, the "I am" that can sink the outer consciousness or received, external concept, the so-called material consciousness or self induced by world. The little bag often shown represents freedom to travel inwardly or to survey actuality which is interest in what exists. Control of outer activity of thought, mind, body is summarized as the little bag. The conch, the mace, the lotus and the wheel or sudarshana chakra are other symbols akin to these seen in Sumerian or Assyrian symbology and were not originally deemed esoteric or arcana at all, but instantly understood to reflect ideals. Unfortunately, they later became empty idols. All symbols are mirrors of oneself, not external, objects to be deemed possessing any "power". The same is true of names of this principle, so that saying "God" or any word seeing self and all is the proper way, or its simply idle thought or idol worship which debases oneself. Recognising self and universe as self with countless differentiations or "faces", releases light.

  6. Innerstanding if ur missing anything perhaps it lays in electricity as being the catalyst???? LOOK at the Electric Universe theories they say the model of todays science is wrong its electricity that's the main driving force in the universe from the sub atomic to the cosmic scales

  7. I've been diving into Sumerian and Egyptian symbology…this felt like he was 'reading the text' of these languages! There was a deep intuitive this makes sense feeling…my brain was ringing like a bell. i'll be downloading his book…i can't find it in paper to buy, which is hilarious…i'll have to get it for free! The Code to the Matrix

  8. Amazing…..Ive been showing this over a process for 8 years now…..The Sacred Geometry, the Merkaba, The Devine Spark…….Thought IN Form…..The Sun has been putting off Nutrinos energy……Light is coming from the Central Sun, effecting our Sun, Effecting Us…..Our DNA is reconnecting the 12 strands of DNA….NO LONGER JUNK….Yes it is a DOOR! the Central Door….SEE ENTER..CENTER…..Would Love to share IDEAS with you on this topic….You spoke of a SPACE SHIP…..Time and SPACE…..A SPACE SHIP is a MERKABA…..ALEIN IS A BEING AWARE OF GOD WITHIN…..THOUGHT CREATES REALITY, ONE THAT IS LIMITED, OR ONE THAT IS LIMITLESS….LIMIT elLE SS……LETTERS   ARE THOUGT FORMS THAT ARE LIMITING IN CONCIOUSNESS…..THE DEVINE SPARK OF IMAGINATION…..CAN YOU BIND IT IN A BOX….IN THE BOX YOUR A SPARK….OUTSIDE YOUR A STAR….

  9. Does any of you tried this or has any proof that can share with me?! I am on the stage: "See to believe"…but my mental and physical health is not allowing me to advance, to study, to learn and put in practice my learning's.My brain is a bit destroyed from drugs and depression. If somebody can give some help or tips so I can decode and use this information…please do it!!!Also English is not my mother language. It's harder to keep information and process…specially with some few and burned neurons 😛

  10. Such an amount of good info… Yet it's tainted. The realm is flat. There isn't gravity they way he speaks of. There is 85 percent quality but between his speaking about reverse aging and anti gravity and spherical concept he misses so much

  11. They say you must have balance….but here lately all I do is listen to videos of enlightenment….all my friends and family have been moved away from me seems like the universe wants me alone to evolve…..I have no partner no one to really talk to….I have the spiritual realm I always converse there thats where it matters most the higher power speaks to me for that I am grateful so I wont complain I get lonely at times as far as human connection but I have a spiritual support system..its meant for me to be alone and focus I accept my mission and I know the narrow path is lonely for most…..but I put human emotions to the side whats important is my growth…. everyday I focus my mind on growth accumulating various tools from various angles of knowledge applying them to my life……its gets very lonely but its a sacrafice I must obviously make and I will with my head held high before I ever go back to my old ways just to be around people and feel " included in society"……I am humbled and thankful for this experience🙏🏾✨

  12. I just wanted to see the Saturn birds on the thumbnail. It's kinda like a mythological flying insect but from another dimension. If you graph the mandelbrot and rotate the x-axis you can see the Saturn bird.

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