Thursday, September 16, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Detox Essentials

Dr. Melina Roberts, ND lectures about her targeted detox approach using Nestmann Pharma. She will outline priorities for opening detoxification pathways in the body and discuss bowel elimination, supporting extracellular detox to promote intracellular detox, phase 1 & 2 liver detoxification, and how to improve the eliminatory function of all detox organs. Learn practical techniques and easy-to-use remedies that can be incorporated into every patient treatment plan.

In this seminar, you will learn:

Order of detoxification – what to open first?
Extracellular vs intracellular detoxification
Phase 1 & phase 2 liver detoxification
How the mitochondria support biochemical detox pathways
Why we must always think about the gallbladder!
Detox – what level are you working at? Nutrient, botanical, homeopathic?
Detox remedies for the bowels, liver, gallbladder, kidney, lymphatic, blood, skin & lungs


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One thought on “Detox Essentials
  1. Mechanism
    Clogged detox pathways> Mutation> epigenetics

    First shift to Parasympathetic state > when body does most detoxification

    Open primary detox pathway

    Superficial Lymphatic system relates to ear infection
    80% stored in gut
    80% immune system in gut
    Deep lymphatic system

    Decrease inflammation causes
    Heal lining intestinal tract
    Balance microflora
    Inc fiber healthy fats chia binds toxins load to remove
    Inc immune system leads to endohepatic circulation constipation

    Liver and gallbladder where hormones metabolized
    Primary organs liver and kidney

    Liver is the Most biochemically active organ
    Cholesterol building block all hormones
    Any hormones imbalance relates to liver

    Free radicals eliminate gluthaione phase 1
    Extracellular with toxins remove first
    Then phase1

    Cell communication need clean environment alkaline vs acidic first
    Then phase 1

    Two types Cellular metabolism
    Oxygenation environment > atp >energy toxins eliminate rbc
    2.fermentation sugar low oxygen >lactic acid and carbon monoxide

    Alkaline extracellular space do first baking soda
    Alkala power

    Remove lactic acid
    Support kreb cycle
    Increase circulation ozone sauna

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