Thursday, September 16, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

How To Overcome Fatigue and How To Increase Mitochondria with Dr. Lee Know & Ari Whitten

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Are you feeling tired and fatigued throughout the day and have searched on Google for ”how to overcome fatigue”? Then, I can tell you, you are not alone. Fatigue has become an epidemic. There are many triggers for fatigue but one common factor is your mitochondria. The mitochondria are ”the batteries” in your cells, and if they dysfunction, you will get fatigued. So, what are they and, more importantly, how do we recharge and increase mitochondria so they can give us more energy?
This week, I am talking to Dr. Lee Know. Dr. Know is a naturopathic doctor, has had various roles as a research specialist, and the author of the book: Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine. He will share his knowledge on mitochondria and health, and how to increase mitochondria.

In this podcast, you’ll learn
• What mitochondria are and why they matter to health and vitality
• How free radicals and antioxidants work in your body
• The origins of mitochondria
• The number one thing you can do to increase mitochondria and keep them healthy
• Why taking antioxidants during the training phase is counterproductive
• The best nutrients for your mitochondria (ladies, you are going to LOVE this! 😊)

What mitochondria are and why they matter – (1:21)
How many mitochondria your cells have (4:14)
The origins of mitochondria (5:07)
The truth about free radicals and antioxidants (7:54)
How damaged mitochondria are linked to aging (17:08)
Why NAD is an important energy molecule (24:15)
How mitochondria are related to fatigue (27:42)
Why supplements aren’t the quick-fix to fatigue (29:47)
Conditions that are linked to mitochondria (33:26)
How to increase mitochondria (37:28)
How strong mitochondria can minimize free radicals (41:39)
The best recommendations on how to overcome fatigue and CFS (48:13)
The best nutrients to increase mitochondria (49:52)



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49 thoughts on “How To Overcome Fatigue and How To Increase Mitochondria with Dr. Lee Know & Ari Whitten
  1. Even though we disagree on the evolution of the mitochondria – I believe God created us & all our amazing systems- I enjoyed the new knowledge on this topic you provided on health. Thank you.

  2. Avoid injury to mitochondria. Avoid toxins, air pollution, water pollution, food pollution (additives).
    Organic: B3, Co Q10, D Ribose, magnesium. Dark chocolate. (PQQ)
    Matching calories with energy needs. Never eat more than you actually use/need.
    Avoid antioxidants during training. But antioxidants Ok during competition.

  3. So no antioxidants around workouts. That's very interesting and also very vague. It's pretty hard to avoid antioxidants. How long after a workout should antioxidants be avoided?

  4. Our understanding of mitochondria is in its infancy.

    Dr. Know is excellent.

    But, due to the explosion of research around the world.

    In 10 years time some of Dr. knows current positions will have been modified due to new findings.

    So try to understand and apply the useful tidbits but take everything with a grain of salt

  5. Amazing talk! Thank you for this! Dr. Lee Know's knowledge is mind-blowing. So taking caffeine (antioxidant) before working out might be counterproductive… Interesting! I will give it a try (working out without caffeine).

  6. At forty years old I totally over train. Running and sprinting once a day, along with a hour and a half of weight training! The only way that can keep up is taking 2-3 snoozes a day. Snooze baby…

  7. WOW so antioxidant supplementation is not the secret remedy to great health – another myth bites the dust. Really enjoyed this podcast – especially learning that free radicals are often times the good guys especially in the generation of more mitochondria for increased energy production. Fascinating! Thanks

  8. Great explanation on healthily mitochondria. Thank you so much! I been studying more and more about the subject. And like to hear that regular activity, GOOD food consumption, continue to be the key for our health. “We are what we eat”.

  9. DNA can only make exact copies of themselves and not add any more , just like what is before a mirror is what you see and no more. The laws of irreducible complexities as well as the fact that no species of life has a semideveloped component on their body which is still evolving into something functional , is also proof that evolution is a myth. No where on earth have any transitional species been found either.

  10. Two errors after 5 minutes- origins of mitochondria this is speculation and unworthy of a scientist the second point junk DNA in the human cell has now been shown to be false as far as we can see all DNF is functional not only in humans but all life. These two errors take away from the rest of the talks credibility which is a shame, best stick to clear facts and the things we can experiments or observation.

  11. mitochondria didnt get specialised in energy production as stated 6:47 ,it was the powerhouse and enabled the cell to divide and become a multicellular organism, basicly becoming the eucariota cell that we know today, its not that eucariota cells existed before that, as is stated in the video, its the other way around.

  12. Near the end when Dr. Know started listing some important nutrients, I cannot understand the first one he mentioned just before magnesium. Even phonetically I couldn't make it out and before mentioning Magnesium he said something about Ribo(?) as part of that first nutrient. Can you please tell me what that first mentioned nutrient was? Thanks

  13. Thank you very much!
    It would be very interesting to get to know, what influence Wifi and in particular 5G has on the mitochondria.
    Because 5G shall be installed all over the western world with antennas every 100-150 m.
    20 m on the roof opposite of my home a huge celll tower with 4G was installed. Since then I suffer tinnitus (constant noise between 8-10 Hz), sleeplessness, fatigue and falling asleep in a second during day in particular at the computer, headache, skin rashes.
    According a webpage the surrounding of 2 km has 230 Antennas with 2020 sender.
    I think about shielding or moving outside the city.

  14. Can you put up an edited version… A lot of us out here have severe fatigue and attention issues, so we can't watch a more than 15 mins videos… just outline the main points….

  15. I'm grateful for all the helpful information about how to be healthy, but I would appreciate it if people would stop saying things like "millions of years ago such and such happened." There is really no way to know what happened and really it doesn't matter. Just tell us how it works now. That's the only thing we can actually know.

  16. I’m an athlete and trainer, the amount of damage I’ve done to my mitochondria through over doing the exercise has left me so fatigued. Thank you so much for shedding light on the training aspect of this 🙏🏻

  17. Other experts are pointing to the healthy gut microbome as THE KEY to health and longevity. The idea is that when the good bacteria in the colon are undernourished they begin to feed on the intestinal wall itself, creating an inflammatory reaction that is spread through the body in the blood stream. How would you integrate these two concepts (gut & mitochondria)?

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