Thursday, September 16, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Fibromyalgia is caused by mitochondrial dysfunction

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Fibromyalgia has a ‘stigma’ that it is not a real disease. I can promise you that fibromyalgia is a very real thing, and it is very treatable.

Functional medicine believes that fibromyalgia is a severe mitochondrial dysfunction that is causing organ pain and dysfunction. By improving mitochondrial health, you can restore function and reduce symptoms.

3 Tips to Improving Your Mitochondria:
1) Heal your gut
2) Reduce inflammation
3) Membrane therapy (learn more in the video)

If you have fibromyalgia or mitochondrial dysfunction, contact my office to schedule your consultation:
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45 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia is caused by mitochondrial dysfunction
  1. I am going through the workup for potential fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, or autoimmune disorder diagnosis right now. Many of my family have been diagnosed with a genetic mutarion of the POLG gene which affects mitochondrial function. My father is deceased, but he had Ehlers Danlos caused by Mitochondrial dysfunction. Insurance told me I can't see a genetic specialist because I'm not pregnant. Hoping my new insurance will be better

  2. Excellent video. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and recently started having new symptoms – tingling, numbness in the arms and legs; my feet sometimes feel wet; and it's hard to take deep breaths, like someone is pushing on my chest. My doctor wants to send me back to a general internist who already tested my heart and lungs, and thought it was somatization disorder. I won't be wasting my time. I've never seen a neurologist and she still doesn't feel there's anything neurological. It's beyond frustrating. Why do doctors want to look at everything but the brain?

  3. Had it 28 years….The Lord healed me 2019…I was tormented with pain, fatigue, ibs, stomach pain,, disease, vomiting, sleeplessness, truly understands what's anyone with this goes thru..

  4. If I were to squeeze the juice of a lemon into 8 oz. of hot water, would that be a good first step in treating fibromyalgia? I use a natural sweetener in the drink.

  5. Another thing that can really help is hormesis – hot or cold stress. Regular cold showers and/or sauna helps improve your mitochondrial health, and your health in general.

  6. Mitochondria has 2 membranes not cell walls. I do not trust anything else he says. Need to do more research on fibro and mitochondria because I feel lactic acid build up in my joints when I am stressed.

  7. I have noticed when am depressed/very stressed it's when i get flare up!!
    when am happy it goes away , its so incredible eating right food and happy am almost pain free or rashes free.

  8. That includes happy with regular intimacy with partner i think humans need contact , nurturing, and release stress and use muscles, everything during those intimate moments

  9. Since 2014 Medicare has been paying for the FM/a test developed by Dr Bruce.Gillis of Cal. It is correct in high 90's percentile. Mass Gen Hosp is doing a project with him about fibro.

  10. Plant based diet is helping my pain and my energy is 100 times better within a few months. I guess it is the anti inflammatory foods and the soluble fiber in complex carbs feeding my gut as well as all those antioxidants for for the cell walls.

  11. You don't need to keep repeating the word fibromyalgia over and over again …
    M.E is FAR FAR worse than fibro yet doctors think it is just Chronic fatigue and a bad headache..
    You just want to flog your supplements! fibro is an umbrella term for a list of symptoms and medication side effects and you know that!
    DO NOT ever recommend high fat food , a massive amount of so called fibro patients are already fat and you know animal fat causes the majority of fatal diseases due to it blocking the arteries, so heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure ,high cholesterol ,it feeds cancerous tumours and also makes people obese which again causes a huge amount of issues! You clearly have zero idea about fibro or it's causes and you should be ashamed of yourself lying to all those people, you are making money from people's misery … fibro patients do not have inflammation!
    You encourage people to eat high fat foods and their high lipid levels are due to eating high fat foods so you want people to become sick in order to treat them, do you have any idea of what you are actually saying …. Ladies and gentlemen …. eat a healthy plant based diet, get your weight down, get fresh air, exercise and once you get your weight down and get off meds for weight related diseases and control the menopause for ladies (men have a big reduction of male hormones which causes a mini male menopause too)your symptoms will reduces and disappear one by one! fibro is a cop out diagnosis like IBS so make sure you make changes and if you are still having issues it is easier for the doctors!

  12. In the United States, functional medicine practices have been ruled ineligible for course credits by the American Academy of Family Physicians because of concerns they may be harmful…..

  13. Hello! I am from the UK, but up until recently, it was not recognised as an illness. You are classed as lazy etc; which is not fair! I also have arthritis in all my joints, so double the pain and little relief from pain medication! I think it is over due, that the Doctors in the UK, realise this and research more as you do, to help patients instead of being closed minded! Thank you, Anna.

  14. Thank you for this video, I knew I wasn't being dramatic and making my symptoms up. One question though, if you've had it for years and your body has adapted to it can it still be reversed? Plus I don't think they do that treatment here in the UK.

  15. Thank you for posting. Fibromyalgia research has come a long way since my diagnosis in late 90's. There is no doubt that my mother suffered from Fibromyalgia as does both my daughters, genetics play a role in Fibromyalgia that isn't widely discussed in the medical field I hope this changes for future generations.

  16. I do believe that I have fibromyalgia. Been having a lot of gastro issues. Where do you start, Rheumatologist, Gastroenterologist? Every time I try and talk to doctors they act like they do not want to even try and help me. How do I get them to listen to me?

  17. Can u make a video on what to feed our mitochondria?? Glutothione? What plants? Seems all videos say fix ur gut. I don't imagine that is the same process for all of us. Food allergies for example play a part.

  18. The frustration of Covid! I have naturopathy which has helped, was doing aqua therapy at a hospital but that program closed, and my other clinic was going to set up infusion but now it’s delayed (and I don’t think my partner’s insurance covers it: Canada has good medical but it kind of falls off if you need “alternative”, read: works for ‘chronic illness’, treatments). I’m blessed to have acupuncture—which is really helpful for pain—too. Gluten is long gone, dairy is minimized, but the rest is tough when you’re a mom with a family (I do protein smoothies, vitamin D, curcumin, magnesium, a dessicated thyroid high-dose for that, but I know infusion is the real answer as it circumvents the gut system). Honestly, I think I’ve had fibro for decades and only had a proper diagnosis 5 or so years ago. So, so many issues over the years…stillbirth, heavy (!!) periods, brain fog, fatigue. I truly wonder if being a baby who had gastroenteritis and almost died from it is a root cause. Anyway, a great video….if fibro is nothing else it’s the never ending search and trial/error that leaves you too tired to do anything else. When I can clean my kitchen, that’s a good day.

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