Sunday, December 4, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Copernican Institute – What Did Morley Learn This Week #1

Wanting to understand more about iron and what it REALLY happening when we are said to be low in iron?

Want to understand what some newly uncovered “classic” paper has said on anemia?

Want someone to translate all that ^^^ so you ‘get’ it?

Morley Robbins and Kristan Kershaw recorded a session together for the first ‘What’s Morley learned this week’ session in what we hope will be a regular occurance.

Please share with us your feedback on this session and topics you would like to hear in future ones…

We did mention some of websites during the session…

1. The main website for more research and information:

2. The Detroit event in October of this year, can be researched via this link:

3. Patreon can be accessed with EXTRA content in the premium platform, from here -


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