Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

How to make Mitochondria Model | 3d Styrofoam carving

Simple and easy way to make mitochondria model. The video also contains the labled image. Hope my videos are helpful.

1. Thermocol/ Styrofoam Sheet (1 inch thick )
2. German White Glue
3. Cutting Blades
4. Tissue Roll
5. Colours ( Poster or Acrylic Paint )
6. Water
7. Brushes

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41 thoughts on “How to make Mitochondria Model | 3d Styrofoam carving
  1. This model is amazing because this is very helpful my project I watched a lot of videos on the internet but I did not get any good video. Your video is very good from all the videos

  2. Dear sister khatija, I just loved the model and the way you represented it without even showing your hands. Ma sha Allah…!! The model was best out of all the videos. You are just great. It helped me with my biology project while I was so confused for how to make mitochondria…Thanks big sis..

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