Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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15 thoughts on “Mitochondrial DNA | mtDNA | All Mitochondrial genes detail
  1. Computer voices are soooo stupid. you can get a pro speaker for $5 for your recordings. I alway close all videos immediately and thumb down for videos with computer voices.

  2. Good as far as explaining its function. Total bull about its origins. Mitochondrial DNA no more was "once part of bacterial DNA" than toenails were part of rocks. MtDNA is primal, circular and contains the history of humans and animals in which it dwells and originated. Males dominating the science industry can't seem to stand the fact that it is the nuclear power plant of the genome, record keeper, is ancient and can only be passed down maternally. To compensate for that, mainly Euromales do what they do best and assign credit to anything but the female who is the mother of humanity. The oldest MtDNA is traced back to an African female African Eve. . That galls racist and sexist males, some of whom would rather have originated from bacteria or aliens than a black woman especially. Period! Good luck with that. We'll see how the story ENDS…..literally! Lol.

  3. What I don’t understand about mitochondrial DNA is that you only get it off your Mother. So my father had Mitochondrial DNA from his mother, don’t I have my grandmother’s Mitochondrial DNA??

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