Saturday, October 24, 2020
Mitochondrial Health

MITOPHAGY – Fasting and Mitochondria

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The mitochondria are the powerplants of the cells that fuel virtually all bodily processes.

Fasting has many benefits on mitochondrial functioning, such as mitochondrial biogenesis, suppression of inflammasomes, and mitochondrial autophagy mitophagy.

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24 thoughts on “MITOPHAGY – Fasting and Mitochondria
  1. There are a million and one things we can do to up the odds for health and longevity. And there are a million and one bad things we can do and still outlive those who only do 500,000 bad things. Hmm. It all boils down to one's constitution and natural body resiliency. So, just fuck everything and have a good time.

  2. Awesome! Keep it going Siim! 😉
    Maybe some new video about fasting hacks like: D-Aspartic Acid, L-Citrulline + Citrulline Malate, d-ribose, Beta-Alanine, Arginine, Ornithine, L-theanine, Taurine, Creatine, HMB etc etc.Which you can use while fasting and which not.

  3. Hi. I like your content, but often have to halt the video midway because I can't listen to it any more You talk way too fast and refer to biochemical terms w/o explaining what they are. you don't say how to eat to promote what you are explaining.

  4. I'm trying to begin fasting again but I'm having trouble getting through the first few days.. can I use bone broth once a day the first few days and still get into ketosis and get passed the first few days or should I just tough it out?

  5. Too hard to understand. We are not biochemists. Try to explain it in understandable manner if you can. 50% of your words are just terms and names of some enzymes and stuff. Please take it to consideration. Peace

  6. Cool hair


    I know that I feel much better when I go without breakfast and go longer periods without eating, particularly in the morning. Later in the day, however, I get hungrier. But I also notice that I feel better with more protein and green vegetables and a lot fewer starch carbs — probably because I'm an mtDNA J.

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