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Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria Disease and Aging Revitalization, Repair and Reverse Aging

Our Body’s cellular activities received energy from the Mitochondria to keep the body in working order. Mitochondria within the cell is like the main battery that makes all the proper body’s functions happen such as the ability for the bone marrow to produce new adult stem cells for repair, or convert food to fuel the body and boost up energy to get through your day.
But as the body grow older, the cell’s mitochondria will suffer from biological degradation and this’s directly linked to incapacitate the body’s repair mechanism as well as lack of energy level on a daily basis due to undermine metabolic activity. Researchers and Nutritionist experts determine that when a person reached 90 years old around 95% of the Mitochondria are damaged, and when compare to pre-teens there’s virtually no damage to their Mitochondria. They also discover the majority of the degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease and cancer are all associated with mitochondrial decline and failure.
And to address this issue there’re nutrients out there that can stimulate repair (not just slow down but actually reverse the damaged done on the Mitochondria). PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) not only can protect existing mitochondria from oxidative damage but also stimulates the growth of new mitochondria. And Coenzyme CoQ10 can also work with PQQ to regenerate and regrowth new mitochondria at a much faster rate. Visit here to learn more https://www.naturalnews.com/030591_CoQ10_cellular_energy.html

MitoQ also helps out an elderly mice by seek out the mitochondria within cells to reverse aging of arteries and blood vessels. The elderly mice originally with an arteries equivalent to an 80 years old human, after four weeks of supplementation with MitoQ, the mice’s arteries regenerates to a point where it is equivalent to a 25-35 year old human. A dramatically increase in life span for the mice and its mitochondrial function is returned to a youthful status. Visit this research article to learn more https://www.naturalnews.com/045292_MitoQ_antioxidants_arteries.html

This sound frequency is specifically designed to mimic the effect on how MitoQ, PQQ and CoQ10 Ubiquinol direct simulate regrowth and regeneration to the aged or damaged mitochondria, it uses square wave to get a better penetration when delivering the therapeutic effect throughout the body to ensure every cell’s mitochondria will be adequately nourished when listening.
Recent discovery has indicated that the prime cause of biological aging are based on 7 factors and Mitochondria damage and dysfunctions is one of them. Visit this site if you want to understand what causes aging. http://www.longlonglife.org/en/longevity/aging/biological-causes-aging/

Scientists are still trying to figure out using technological interventions, nutrition’s and other medical knowledge’s to rectify all seven prime cause of aging. One of the anti-aging expert De Grey said if they can find out the methods to fix seven types of physical damage the human life expectancy will be able to reach one thousand years and beyond. This topic has been discuss on Silicon Valley and the source of the information can be found here https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/04/03/silicon-valleys-quest-to-live-forever

Basically so far I’ve discover 4 out of 7 molecular mechanisms on how the body age. Accumulate DNA damage is first one of them and listening to NAD+ the frequency I’ve provide here https://youtu.be/cxN1wnunHCU should remedy against it.

The second factor is Telomere shortening when cell undergo replication because of hayflick limit and listening to the telomeres Rejuvenation frequency will counteract the process https://youtu.be/_g4NZ-bkotk.

And thirdly which is the topic I’ve discuss on this video description and by listening to this frequency daily when combine with the other two, it will helps to slow down aging by magnitude and helps to maintain a better general wellbeing.

The fourth cause of aging is stem cell exhaustion which I’ll be discuss this factor along with this video here at https://youtu.be/HM5vpDXknnk

Melatonin a hormone secrete by the pineal gland can support re-lengthening of the fray telomeres, which has profound effect on anti aging. Also it can actually repair epigenetic mutation, one of seven prime cause of aging. It’s very important to listen to this frequency as well to maximize anti-aging benefit https://youtu.be/-HuqIoHdXpw

Cell senescence is also one of the seven aging cause and listen to the fibrosis frequency will be able to reverse some of the damaged done by this aging factor. https://youtu.be/ACO8zGrBXgo

Ozone Therapy can helps reverse Mitochondria damage


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20 thoughts on “Mitochondria Disease and Aging Revitalization, Repair and Reverse Aging
  1. Mitochondria Danmage causes These Diseases = nearsightness , Blurred Vision , Pernament Vision Danmage, celluar Scenescence, Nerve Danmage, Decreased collogen Production, Eyesight Floaters, Dementia, Celluar Arrest (prevent celluar Replication). Ect

  2. I am nearsighted, although not terribly, and have grown to need weak reading glasses as well. After using this frequency my eyesight improved and I'm not wearing my reading glasses to look at my laptop! Also I just feel "better."  I'm a believer after trying it. I'm going to continue to use the frequency and see if any other improvements happen. I did not use earbuds. I used my speakers that are plugged into my laptop and they are positioned fairly close to my head, didn't listen to it on high volume, just a comfortable volume.

  3. I'm not kidding you the doctor says my kidney disease has cleared up massively and cant explain how it's healed I swear it's this frequency don't know what connection is exactly but this has had a massive impact on healing me

  4. I can feel this in my brain my scalp is tingling like crazy and it’s 5 min in 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽So grateful I’ve been experiencing numbness and poor circulation in my legs I can already feel them less swollen

  5. There are so many easy to listen to binaural beats now days, this is just a tone, not comfortable at all, layer some soothing wave sounds with it or something.

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