Thursday, March 23, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Label-free live cell imaging vs. fluorescence: Phototoxicity on Mitochondria – spot the difference

This video shows a loss of mitochondrial potential (fluorescence intensity is progressively reducing) over the time of the movie. On shorter time scales, there is some staining blinking that we attribute to bursts of mitochondrial function attempting to compensate while the whole mitochondrial network is globally failing. We can observe all cellular mitochondria becoming apoptotic in the right panel (classical donut shape) while they remain unchanged.

Technology: 3D Cell Explorer and 3D Cell Explorer-fluo microscope from Nanolive, Switzerland.
The 3D Cell Explorer is a high speed, high resolution and non-invasive live cell imaging microscope that can look deep inside biological systems. This allows you to record stunning 3D images of entire cells in just seconds and with a higher resolution than any conventional microscope on the market.
For this video, we used both types of microscopes (3D Cell Explorer and 3D Cell Explorer-fluo) to show the effects of phototoxicity.
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