Thursday, March 23, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How CoQ10 and Mitochondrial Function Can Affect Egg Production

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps cells to efficiently carry out their functions. Learn more about how this supplement works with the mitochondria of cells and how it can be used to affect fertility treatments in older women. Learn more on our website:


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28 thoughts on “How CoQ10 and Mitochondrial Function Can Affect Egg Production
  1. Canada and UK allow 3 parent babies…….Canada, even for age reasons (Toronto), and UK only for specially allowed diagnosed mitochondrial diseases. Besides Ubiquinol supplements what is your opinion o. PQQ supplementation?

  2. Can you tell me which form of coQ10 is best, ie ubiquinol or ubiquinone? And what dosage would you generally recommend for an older woman to improve egg quality? Thanks

  3. The clinic we've been with is actively offering mitochondrial donation therapy within ivf packages. Like they try everything possible to keep the genetic relation of IP to the future baby. And if no luck – then only they ask the patients to turn to egg donation. Also the country is quite popular for surrogacy tourism. So the place's got variations in surrogacy programs as well. I personally think using donor's healthy active mitochondria in ivf with oe is a real breakthrough in reproductive field. I'd definitely tried this if only my own eggs weren't genetically damaged.

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  5. How soon after medical abortion I can start to use dhea and coq10 ? The heart of my baby stoped at 6 weeks 7 days, in 9 weeks had to do the medical abortion…. please respond

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  8. This is a great information. I have been taking CoQuinone from Usana for the past 9 months and I do feel a lot of difference taking CoQ10. Love your explanation. So informative and educational. Thanks again

  9. Hi, I've always had regular 28 day periods, when I started taking ubiquinol they went to 32 days so I stopped using it, does anyone know why that could be, I'm 42yrs any info would be welcome.

  10. Dr. Gleicher is excellent! I have switched now to his clinic after going to two clinics in London that didnt recognize my pcos. He and the clinic provide excellent service.

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