Friday, March 31, 2023
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Mitochondrial replacement therapy and egg augmentation:Part 2

Mitochondria is a powerhouse in each living cell. In cell functioning and respiration mitochondria is used to generate energy, with that our body move, and we live our life.
Mitochondria also has there own DNA( seperate from nuclear or genetic DNA),any defect or mutation in MitDNA will affect the power generation and failure of power is destined to die.
Present lecture is related to defect in functioning(mutation) carried from mother to child in every birth and its treatment as Mitochondrial replacement therapy.
The other part is enhancing the power of aging egg…called egg aumentaion.
Source: Fertility and Sterility Feb2019 and TIME January 14, 2019
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9 thoughts on “Mitochondrial replacement therapy and egg augmentation:Part 2
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