Thursday, March 23, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Mitochondria, NAD, Sirtuins, Disease, and Aging

Let’s find out how NAD, precursors like NMN and NR, and the sirtuin genes all interact. I look at some current papers that look at causing and reversing wrinkled skin and defects in mice and their reversal, as well as inflammation and disease. Let’s jump down the rabbit hole!


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25 thoughts on “The Mitochondria, NAD, Sirtuins, Disease, and Aging
  1. Great presentation on the mitochondria. I am seeing a correlation between chemicals such as NMN and the research being done with red light therapy. I question is are you familiar with the research being done at Harvard Medical School by Prof. Michael Hamlin on red light therapy. It seems the effects of both chemical and light especially red light have similar effects on the mitochondria…

  2. Am I wrong to say that intermittent fasting, intermittent vigorous exercise, and hot/cold water baths
    all cause an increase in NAD to the mitochondria cells, and thus increase immunity and energy.

  3. Hey, thank you SO much for your breakdown and analysis. This is very helpful for me and my family members. I'm trying to explain this to them and why they should take supplements.
    This video explains it far better than I can.

  4. So, Judy, when are you going to do some intermittent fasting or Mosely protocol fasting and do some HIIT to improve mitochondrial function?
    Ha ha, I thought your pronunciation of "acetyl" was alternative, like apatosis for apoptosis. Glad you clarified.

  5. ….many have now incorporated Trans-Resveratrol along with sublingual NADH (or NR, NMN) for increased sirtuin activation. SOD for AGEs. BioPQQ plus Coq10 for increased mitochondria health along with amino acids Carnitine, Taurine, Lysine, Proline, Arginine and higher doses Vitamin C for heart health.

  6. I've been starving myself for 40 years since I learned about calorie restriction in college. I look and feel my age (60+). I've been a sun worshiper, so my skin has suffered.
    What has aged me more than anything are traumatic life events, ie, stress.
    Haven't seen a doctor in 30 years though.

  7. Wonder what your thoughts are about using creatine to enhance mitochondrial health and energy, and for sirtuins activation, physical exercise and use of natural compound such as curcumin, and just avoiding all of the NAD hype altogether?

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