Thursday, March 23, 2023
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What causes loss of muscle with age?

This video describes the processes thought to cause loss of muscle mass with age. For more information about nutrition; exercise science; erogogenic aids; anti-aging research;fat-loss techniques that work;exercise science; and much more, subscribe today to Jerry Brainum’s Applied Metabolics newsletter (


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47 thoughts on “What causes loss of muscle with age?
  1. Phenomenal content, JB.
    Almost 50 now and I still build quality muscle. You hit the nail on the head bout the Leucine. The secret is taking additional HMB (a Leucine metabolite) and L-glutamine. They work even better in the over 40 person. They keep an older guy/gal anabolic and amplify your protein intake by 25-30%, by my estimate. Been telling people this and taking it for a long time. I work in Nutrition critical care and my job is to keep muscle on sick older people.
    So true about awakening satellite cells, as well.
    Ashwaganda appears to be a great supplement for the older person to maintain T and reduce cortisol-related muscle catabolism.
    Listen to JB, folks.

  2. Side note- I've been consuming 30gs of collagen peptides daily, without missing a gram, since you're video about collagen. The effects have been quite impressive. Ive fortunately not had much connective tissue problems, so nothing of note there. But visually, my hair, nails, skin(especially my face) have improved alot. Enough to where I've got consistent compliments. I think perhaps my recovery has improved somewhat. And I've consistently gained weight since. Only a total so far of 3 pounds, but its consistent and growing. So , thank you for that, this, and all other great info you've provided. You're still batting 1000% with me👍👍

  3. I am 63. A year ago I started doing spin classes with my wife. I tore my achilles tendon 20 years ago and now, for the first time in years, i have gained back 100% of my movement. Spin helps with fast twitch muscles. Very important. My weight strength is greater than ever. Great video Jerry.

  4. Get blood work done and take dhea and tong kat ali if your in your 40s and research occlusion training to maintain maximum muscle. Do mobility work along with high reps with low weight to keep blood goin to your tendons which keeps your joints super strong. Throw in a lot of isometric exercises for additional strength. You should also do leopard crawls which keeps your movement patterns very good. Guys who still do kung fu and taichi who are in their 50s and beyond are strong AF ! ! THANK ME LATER.

  5. Fantastic information👍 if you can get the myostatin process right it doesn't interfere with stem cells ie (satellite cells ) interference and it has been shown to put greater amount of muscle tissue on anywhere from 20-40% this is great for people with muscle wasting disease and old age ect research shows that the myostatin process is very effective but will the government pass this medicine , This very interesting and Time will tell. Good luck with everything,☘️

  6. I'm 51 and I started working out at 38. Since then I train almost every day, and I gained 20 kg of muscle, my force is encreased also, practic is doubled since then, last week I done a PR at bench press, 125 kg for 5 reps, when I started I was struggeling with 60 kg! My resistance also improved ! Also, I've changed my nutrition and my sleep routine ! I added yoga to all that, meditation and a hygiène of life, I am better now then in my 30's!

  7. The problem is that all things are listed here so everything causes muscle loss. It is caused by "aging" and no-one knows anything about that. Why decline happens no-one knows. We can't use the facts how it works because we don't know why it changes. So there is knowledge but without understanding.

  8. Hi there mr Jerry. Great video. However, i have two questons . Speaking of muscle loss , does something like proteinuria also cause muscle loss ?
    2) from what you just said i understand that there is a difference between testosterone and growth hormone . I always thought that testosterone itself was a growth hormone. So, which are the actual growth hormones ?

  9. Hi Jerry ! i was wondering if you have some knowledge about urine therapy and how / why it works . I finished a urine therapy recently ,i know it works , but i donnt understand why it works.

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