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Mitochondrial Health

What is the Powerhouse of the cell | Human Cell | Physiology | Medical Science

Mitochondrion is called the “Power House” or “Power Plant” of the cell because it produces energy required for cellular functions.

The energy is produced during the oxidation of digested food particles like proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids by the oxidative enzymes in cristae.

During the oxidative process, water and carbon dioxide are produced with the release of energy. The released energy is stored in mitochondria and used later for the synthesis of ATP.

1. It moves freely in the cytoplasm of the cell
2. It is capable of reproducing itself
3. Mitochondria contain its own deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which is responsible for many enzymatic actions.

Functions of Mitochondria:
1. Production of Energy
2. Synthesis of ATP
3. Apoptosis
4. Storage of Calcium
5. Detoxification of Ammonia in the liver

Summary of Mitochondria:
1. Name Mitochondria Originated from two Greek words – Mitos and Chondros. Mitos means thread and Chondros means granule
2. Color Reddish Brown – only part of the cell that is colored
3. Size 0.5 micron to 1 micron in animal cells
4. Present In Both Animal and Plant cells
5. Present In All Eukaryotic cells
6. Genome Mitochondria has its own Genome and DNA
7. DNA Mitochondrial DNA is circular in nature
8. Capability Capable of self-dividing when needed

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