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Dr. Chandler Marrs on Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – Mitochondria's Gateway to Energy

This week our resident health experts Elliot Overton and Doug DiPasquale interview Dr. Chandler Marrs on the essential roles of vitamin B1 (thiamine), mitochondrial bioenergetics, and how to stay healthy in our toxic modern world.

Dr. Chandler Marrs is a researcher and writet who holds a PhD in experimental psychology/neuroendocrinology, where the research focus was on female hormones and women’s health. She co-authored the book “Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition”, and is also the founder of the health website and online journal “Hormones Matter”.

In her time as a writer she has written well over 200 articles, and her research has gradually moved over to medication-adverse events, the mitochondria, and examining the roles of nutrition in mitochondrial function.

When she is not busy at work, Dr Marrs is involved in competitive powerlifting and is also a self-proclaimed long-time jock!

Here’s where you can find Dr. Marrs:

Her website:


Old Ladies Lift:

YT Channel:

Time stamps:

1:59 What led you to study experimental psychology and the other things you’ve achieved since then?

6:20 What is thiamine and why it is important

12:20 You said it is in whole foods – what part of the grain is it in?

14:20 What happens when you are low in thiamine? How does this manifest in the body?

19:39 Are there any cases that stood out with regards to thiamine improving their health?

23:37 Mega-dosing thiamine

26:12 Can you briefly explain the different types of thiamine?

29:21 Is TTFD (thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide) better than IV thiamine?

34:00 When metformin is present thiamine can’t get in, not as safe as presented

37:45 What do you think of the many chemicals we come into contact with?

40:07 What kind of diet is beneficial in maintaining or providing the body with thiamine?

43:55 Some foods inhibit thiamine absorption. How significant do you think that is?

45:25 If someone is severely thiamine deficient, how long does it take to build up their stores?

47:11 How prevalent is thiamine deficiency in the general population?

52:20 What else besides thiamine is wrong?

59:33 What are your thoughts on supplementing with thiamine for someone on long-term medication?

1:01:09 Upcoming plans


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41 thoughts on “Dr. Chandler Marrs on Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) – Mitochondria's Gateway to Energy
  1. Water soluble? Fat soluble? What’s the mechanism referred to? Please teach us more, don’t avoid the details. Almost sounded like Dr. Marrs was’t sure which was which for a moment. Will the real Dr Marrs please stand up?
    Still, very appreciative of this content. Immediately bought the books. Alinamin purchase was in transit even before watching this talk. Genova NutriEval and GI Effects labs offer helpful guidance.

  2. I love the title of the book you're working on, "Not Quite Fatal," because that's how conventional medicine sees it–unless it kills you quickly, it's okay.

  3. If a test for the active form of B1? Also when on digestive healing diet , SCD ( ) , read that some "bad bugs" can use up our thiamine so we need way more. The other reasons for thiamine defic., was it said from transporter problems and toxins (any cures?)? Have been getting tired again, will check in mineral, such as iron defic. or ? Or maybe its the added fluoride to our drinking water. Is there a mitochondria test?

  4. This was an educationally excellent and fun interview, really good questions, good flow. Such research and popularizing talks and shows like this are communicating a life-saving understanding which very smart people in medical schools have no exposure to, unfortunately, so that we — laymen with no medical training — have to look after our health and the health of those around us, educate ourselves however we can, without the benefit of medical training, labs, etc. God bless your research and increase exposure to save more people from the age of arrogant ignorance, greed, ego, etc.

  5. Sooo thankful I found Elliott 🙏. Thank you for realizing the importance of getting this info out into the world 🙏🙏🙏. I’ve learned sooo much 💕. I hope to get a consult with you soon.

  6. Dr. Mars answered questions from me over Facebook a few years ago during a severe healing crisis. I used the thiamine she suggested, read the book and am doing much better. I took up to 250mg daily until I guess I became replete in under a year . I now take 50-100 mg every other day. She really cares about suffering patients and understands undiagnosable complexes that kill us everyday. She'd be proud to hear I finally weaned off the benzo thanks to her and Dr. Lonsdales work.

  7. Wait !!!! All my research says benfotiamine DOES cross blood brain barrier bc it’s fat soluble ! Now you are saying it doesn’t ? I’ve already ordered it. Plz help

  8. from my understanding, the soil isnt quite "depleted of minerals and nutrients" its more that we're killing the microorganisms and the conditions that support the microorganisms, that break down the minerals into forms which can be accessed by the plants. I could be wrong, but this is again the reason why we need regenerative agriculture.

  9. 21:30 Thank you for pointing this out, Dr Chandler. I'm so tired of the old chestnut 'mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell' – yes, of course, but they are so much more. One thing that is not often mentioned is they have a role in the urea cycle and urea cycle metabolites influence immune function (polarization state of macrophages). Mitochondria influence immune function through other mechanisms as outlined in Naviaux's recent paper:

  10. Woah' at 39:00 when Dr Chandler mentions Crop Sprays, Glyphosate is a Mineral Chelator initially used as a Scale remover in Boiler Tubes! We we're inhaling a Chelation agent in Pulp Mll Emissions used to Remove Heavy Metals in Pulp Fibre. It was depleting our Nutritional Minerals and we were inhaling the Heavy Metals because they we're being Vented in the Plume. Dr Harada from Japan who helped diagnose the Ojibwa people's of Grassy Narrows poisoned by eating Mercury contaminated fish in the Wabigoon River in the early 70's returned with a Research Team in 2004, and recommended we get Hair Samples done. That is where i could see, the longer a person worked at height being subject to the Plume blowing towards them with a S-SW Wind, as we Erected a New Boiler House, the more Depleted we're they're Nutritional Minerals, and the more Heavy Metals that were Chelated and we were inhaling! There was also Potassium being emitted, a Nutritional Mineral, but with Elevated Levels has impact on Cardiac function! Manganese another Nutritional Mineral was also being Vented into the Plume, and with elevated Serum Levels has neurological impact [ie: manganese madness!]!.
    I almost Posted, and realized that we were inhaling Aldehyde, the hangover component of Legal Drinking Alcohol, causing all the damage of a hardcore alcoholic, damaged Mitral Valve, Fatty Liver and random stabbing pains in the Lower Limbs! Finding Dr Lonsdales first Book online in 2004, was a game changer, and am ever grateful for the advances of knowledge, since then. Thank You Dr Chandler, and Elliot Overton in pursuing further Research and Treating people, and, yes sharing your knowledge in an Open Public Forum! Thiamine depletion is further complicated by E85 Gasolines emitting 50% more Formaldehyde than Conventional Gasoline, and Bio-Diesel entrained with Toxic Methanol, the Chemical Chain > Methanol > Formaldehdyde that metabolizes to Toxic Formic acid in the Liver, then Bio-Chemically changes to Lactic acid in ALL our cels! Folate IV is used in a ICU Poison Control setting to Roadblock the conversion of Formic acid to Lactic acid, converting it to Carbon Dioxide that is exhaled or peed out! 
    With much gratitude, this Luddite has become aware recently that there are Notifications of Responses to YouTube Comments, so I am looking Fwd to dialogue, and to share more complexities of thiamine deficiency and elevated Lactic acid caused by Environmental Toxicity!

  11. Guys guys i found smthin…tis is huge ….after years of pain and takin tons of vitamin tabs….i learned abt tis…Takin Powdered Moringa leaves everyday is hw u replenish ur lost nutrients n build focus…..witout the nutrition u r forcin urself to not relapse…..the tree is also clld 'the miracle tree' as it has around 95 nutrients found in it n countin n dozens of anti inflammatories n anti oxidents…tis along wit meditation and specifically the 6th tibetan rite to b practiced. Vitamin d3 is also impt. read books on amazon n youtube videos. U dnt really need those individual supplements…its tiring …old generations didnt hv modern vitamin tabs….they n we hv God given super foods like Moringa and eggs but eggs too much causes inflammatn. Do ur research ALWAYS and learn more .

  12. Can your blood levels be normal but still need thiamin? All my blood tests are normal but I’ve been bedridden for 3 years from severe fatigue/exhaustion.

  13. I've been taken 100 mg Thiamin HCL a day for about two weeks now, but I only feel worse. How long does it take before things finally get better ??

  14. Doctors and physicians and healers who truly care, are open to learning (which also requires being receptive/responsive to criticism) , willing to share with everyone, and able to clearly articulate their knowledge. The metformin/thiamine/CoQ10 connection is mind-blowing, and absolutely criminal. Also, pointing out the lack of consideration about thyoid dysfunction as related to thiamine mitochondrial dysfunction. Also YAY to the shout-out for Ayurveda!

  15. Thiamine is a chelator of metals. Administration of thiamine to deficient livestock due to agrochemical exposure led to zinc deficiency in the animals. Wouldn't it be wise to recommend mineral supplementation with your excellent therapy

  16. I thought I was having TIA strokes, but none of the CT or MRI scans showed anything. This last time the doctor told me I should see a neurologist to figure out what's going on. She thought it could be 1 of 3 things: atypical migraine, seizure or narrowed blood vessels.
    My symptoms were numbness on one side, difficulty thinking and speaking, and the 3rd time it happened I had a headache and nausea.
    I've ordered some different supplements, including Thiamax, B complex and a product for migraine sufferers. I'm hoping this is the solution for me.
    I didn't go to the neuro, I tried many times to get my referral sent from my PCP but for whatever reasons it didn't happen. It finally did and I set an appointment but it wasn't until February! I can't afford the cost anyway, though, so I cancelled the appointment. I'm NOT giving advice to anyone else, let me be clear.
    I already owe $4,000.00 to the hospital for my last scare/stay. US healthcare sucks.
    I truly like and believe that nutrition is the way to go, I know the body can't work right if it doesn't have everything it needs. So maybe "the universe" was giving me a sign to NOT go to the neuro with all the trouble I was having setting that appointment. Highly doubtful he or she would tell me about B1, etc., for many reasons including they aren't taught about it in school.

  17. Fabulous interview and interestingly, I am 1/3 into the Thiamine Deficiency Disease book. I am thankful for whatever force that guided me to this subject matter. I have researched natural health and supplements for decades and never considered Thiamine as anything more than one of the B vitamins. Eye opening information that I am so grateful to have found. Thanks!

  18. Enjoyed this video, especially because it popped up same day as I finally got a chance to do a first read of the book Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia,and High Calorie Malnutrition that Derrick Lonsdale and Dr.Chandler Marrs co-authored.It was an expensive paperback, but "priceless" in the greater sense. I'm certainly in the readership category of not well educated lay folks, but I have indeed found huge amounts of the book perfectly understandable . I'm a career truck driver . Been the gamut on all the diet and ailment woes associated with this vocation, (a trade that is a health destroyer! ) I quit the sugars, fast carbs , in a serious way years ago. That in itself wasn't enough.This book is the real tailwind for pulling together the huge missing links to better health. Thank you guys for the interview here. I found answers to a number of questions in this video. Thank you endlessly !

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