Friday, March 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Secret Link Between Gut Health And Mitochondria With Roland Pankewich

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In this podcast, I am speaking with Roland Pankewich—the CEO of Health Optimization Practice in Canada—about the secret link between gut health and mitochondria and how it controls your energy levels.

In this podcast, Roland will cover

• The secret link between gut health and mitochondria
• How mitochondria work to protect your body
• The outdated theory about the DNA’s relationship to the mitochondria
• How phytochemicals can affect your gut health and mitochondria
• How does meditation affect your body? How mindfulness can be used to improve gut health


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20 thoughts on “The Secret Link Between Gut Health And Mitochondria With Roland Pankewich
  1. Based on a low fat, moderate carb, whole foods plant based (vegetarian diet) for 18 years, how is it I got sick with auto immune disease eating a diet that you propose is the remedy for leaky gut? I'm not being snarky. I have since stopped being a vegetarian and hve tried several dietary protocols none of which have been restorative. I also have had healthy life style practices during those 18 years and since. I'm at a loss of what will actually be curative or restorative.

  2. There is specific DNA evidence supporting the notion that we humans are a super community of collaborating organisms in symbiosis with each other. Our mitochondria are NOT human DNA but rather are derived from DNA of primitive organisms similar to bacterial strains. It would follow that if we humans evolved by "design" along this symbiotic mechanism that the same underlying design-pattern would be an expected principle to be maintained in feeding the greater whole. We have a 100 trillion "other" gut-citizen sharecroppers in our lower GI (large intestine) devoted to the labor of fermenting our carbohydrate/fiber based nutritional inputs. In essence the lower form creatures have taken refuge and sided with humans in an ongoing campaign to survive by a principle of becoming bio-allies in the perpetual war for life on planet earth between the competing species (plant, animal, humans, birds, fish, fungi, micro organisms and things we are not even yet aware of). The lower GI is in essence a 2nd brain (neural network of 100 trillion organisms) interlinked to our own brain, indocrine, CNS, and lymph systems by hormone signaling that directly effects our mood (dopamine, serotonin etc.) and desire for food and feelings of well being or distress (e.g. something wrong down here stop eating that crap). This symbiosis gave us a distributed computing capability (adhering to a locality principle called subsidiarity) that is better suited for survivability robustness as well as saving 100s of thousands of years in evolutionary development of specializing a new part of the brain to manage digestion as an active ongoing process 24/7/365 – too energy exhaustive and takes too much precious cranial volume that we need for cognition). We have to be good to our gut citizens or suffer all manner of health degradation as well as mental disorders and bad moods etc.

  3. Fabulous and fascinating information! Thanks to both of you, looking forward to read more about Roland Pankewich researches and work. Maybe I’ve found my new favorite researcher 🙂

  4. WOW! This is amazing information. The magnificent Body is Intelligent and Brilliant.The analogue of a Symphony is perfect.where did you learn all this.I am looking for a doctor like you in Toronto. Dr Issac Duran Goiz from Mexico figured out which bacteria, virus, fungus

  5. Dr Goiz since 1988 figured it out and there are over 25 thousand medical doctors and therapist world wide are using his system, it all to do with your PH. Changing the internal environment and the critters that don’t belong with medical biomagnetism pair. Roland you are a Godsend thank you for stepping outside the conventional box. I will be in touch. Abundant Blessings!🙏🏻👍👏❤️

  6. Woah! That was mind-blowing! Am amped to pay way more respect food-wise to my gut! Thanks guys for your generosity in time and knowledge and passion. You rock! Bless you!

  7. Soooo curious about the connection of the mitochondria and the parasympathetic nervous system, autonomic nervous system and the electromagnetic current/flow in the system …

  8. Ari, you referenced a study on a particular gut microbe being responsible for mitophagy. Can you link to that research? I have both mitochondrial dysfunction and dysbiosis. I think it would be worth looking at that specific microbe. Thx.

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