Thursday, June 1, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How Light Governs Physiology: Nutrition, Natural Sunlight and Photobiomodulation with Bart Kay

In this presentation I provide a brief introduction into how the human body is optimally adapted to full-spectrum sunlight, and how different types of light exposure influences the way that the body handles nutrition. Although much attention is paid to nutrition for maintaining health, light is also plays a key role in how we process the energy coming from food.
Furthermore, we look at how red & infra-red light are essential components of sunlight and possess many different healing properties which can mitigate some of the damage caused by other aspects of sunlight. It is these frequencies of light which can be utilized to “tap into” one of nature’s healing strategies to improve many different kinds of health conditions.

This presentation originally appeared on Bart Kay’s Nutrition Science Watchdog channel. His channel address is here:

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27 thoughts on “How Light Governs Physiology: Nutrition, Natural Sunlight and Photobiomodulation with Bart Kay
  1. I realize my question is a year late, but what about Chromolux full-spectrum light bulbs? They are cheap. The Juuzz light set-ups are incredibly high. What does the Chromoloux full-spectrum bulb not do, such that one would need the Juuzz lights at $600 for the handheld unit??

  2. I noticed just I go south (like Italy, or Athens, Greece areas), near sea, or ocean, for vacation I am insta-fine just in few days…
    Must be has something to do with sunlight exposure (and iodine in sea air)

  3. You are fantastic. Don’t always agree with your diet but ALWAYS get some information to consider and some that is very immediately useful. We are what we eat AnD can absorb and utilize properly. Thank you so much!

  4. We ARE Benefitting from your presentations Elliott! There is no chance that 90% of us couldn't gain a substantial education from each and every one. Thank you so much!

  5. Great summary of the state of biological light science at present. Gives some credence to the phenomenon of the breatherian. When we realise that the physical world is effectively "condensed" light, this whole discussion make complete sense. It is interesting how the colour blue has long been used to create calming, relaxing effects on people, in contrast to projected blue light. There seems to be a contradiction between the intermittent fasting theory, where we are often advised not to eat breakfast, holding off from food until lunch time and the healthy metabolic triggering of eating early, signalling the body to wake up…

  6. So what if I have a lightbulb that is very high in blue light and low in reds and yellows, but then I put a red lamp shade around it… does that fix the blue light problem or does the reddish light have to be produced by the light source itself?

  7. Have you heard that biocidal UV-C is now reaching the surface, whereas it used to be entirely blocked by the upper atmosphere? One group who's been measuring it is geoengineeringwatch, they obtained the expensive and scientifically appropriate meter and are working with an ex-NASA employee to regularly measure UV radiation including UV-C. It's huge news, and you can know that by finding out that all the official mainstream sources of information are ignoring the issue or even denying it. I'll see if a link to the article I just read will be allowed to post but in a separate comment.

  8. EONutrition your knowledge & passion is obvious of your earnest intent to help us understand difficult scientific, body physiology, enzymes pathways -and now for me, this eye info on how light affects our nutrition and what nutrition really is about. You are superb! I can even understand all of your topic & now 2 of my friends & I are taking THIAMAX. Thank you!!!

  9. My dog had a painful lipoma the size of an egg. I gave him red light therapy for 15 min. a day along with switching him to a raw carnivore diet and after one month it was completely gone.

  10. I've been pointed to the direction of sunlight and carbs metabolism and this is the only video I can find that made some sense. Can anyone suggest to me anymore that is moderately technical like this?

  11. After i had to took Azythromin and zinnat 2 times in my life for pneumonia my health was ruined and is a living hell. The worst of all the symptoms is that i literally developed light allergy.The first time was 10 years ago that got better as months were passing, but now 1 year and a half has passed and i am still very sick after i took the antibiotics and still having problems with sunlight. The first year was a nightmare just a few seconds of sun would give me extreme fatigue drowsiness and pain on every part of my body that was getting hit by light,also i couldnt eat any vegetables they make my light sensitivity even worse like beyond unberable literally a torture. The worse was my eyes i would feel like dying like my brain was melting from headaches and getting into a coma and i couldnt even breath normaly for hours just by a few seconds of sun light reflection accidentaly hitting my eyes, even staring at the tv for a few seconds it felt that my eyes were burning and melting, also i am getting injured everywhere on my body just by simple movements, even serious injuries on hips and legs from everyday life simple tasks sometimes i am limbing and i got pain everywhere, like my flesh gets damaged so easily,it gets better month after month but i have to be carefull not getting injured, i was exercising and was healthy before i got sick and took the antibiotics, now exercising is impossible everything is so fragile on me and i got severe injuries on ligaments and tendons on my back and hips that get reinjured so easily and give me so much pain, i was feeling so strong and healthy before this happened even when i had the pneumonia i was feeling the energy in me was strong but after i took the antibiotics it was like all my life energy was drained and got severly ill and indeed i got so incredible fragile and exhausted am feeling like i am a dying 90 year old man with no energy reserve and i am 32. I feel like every cell in my so severly damaged from those antibiotics from the day i finished the antibiotics course last june i was feeling strange sensations of everything around me getting darker and grim and me getting so weak exhausted like transitioning into the body of a dying old man.

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