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Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondrial Health | 7 Ways to Help Mitochondria's Anti-Aging Job

Mitochondrial health is vital for life! After age 28 our bodies no longer produce the same number of mitochondria.
Here are 7 ways to increase mitochondria and live better fast!

Read my mitochondria story and how it saved me from pancreatic failure and more!

Improve your overall health when you support your mitochondria!

We’re here to help you challenge life better, one day at a time!


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Improve Mitochondria Health

Hi, seven ways to improve your mitochondrial health. I’m Dave, I’m Jerry. So number one is drink water. A. Number two, eat a balanced diet. Number three is take mitochondrial supplements. A number four is get a seven hours of sleep each night. A number five is stay active physically to reduce stress. Uh, number six is maintain a positive mindset, and number seven is avoid processed foods, drugs and alcohol.

How to Improve Mitochondria Health
I think that’s a good list. Now we’re going to do the video. How about we address everyone? Okay. Do you want to go each one? Okay, let’s see. Let’s talk about those. Okay, so just do each one versus listed. Okay. Here’s what we’re going to do for you. We’re gonna talk about why water’s such a big deal. If you have a healthy body and you’re consuming half your body weight in ounces in water every day, the fluid that surrounds all the cells in the body is a balanced fluid. And at that point then so respiration can take effect a lot easier. In other words, what goes into the cell and what comes back out. Again, it’s more of a balanced process. So if you’re dehydrated, the cells are in stress and they’re trying to take nutrients in and get nutrients out and it’s pretty sluggish.

Here’s the Mitochondria Supplement I had to create to save my life —

Mitochondrial Support
So later on, if you don’t have enough water in your system, then when you sleep, you’re uh, uh, basically your system, lymphatic system isn’t going to carry away a lot of the toxins and that’s going to directly affect the health of your Mitochondria. Because if the couldn’t get the toxins out of the cells and into the intracellular fluid and trust though your fluid and out into where it could be, uh, looked at and disposed of, then you’re going to be really hurting the health of the Mitochondria. All right? Number two is eat a balanced side. Why is that such a big deal?

Mitochondrial damage
Well, the Mitochondria of, uh, feeds yourselves and you know, if you’re not eating a balanced diet and you’re not getting the proper nutrition, then you’re not really doing any help or they can’t really work the way it’s supposed to, so to speak.

Mitochondrial Repair
If you’re not feeding yourselves properly, you certainly are not feeding your mitochondria properly. So Mitochondria also are technically alive. They have to live, and if they don’t get the food that they need, they can’t produce the ATP, which is a material they produce for ourselves, that we get energy from that. And so it’s not just the human body that is stressed when you don’t eat a balanced diet. It’s the mitochondria that lives within every living cell that helps process that food. So if the Mitochondria becomes ill and, and they’re not in good shape because you didn’t eat a good diet, then the cells themselves will not have the energy they need to provide whatever job they have with their heart cells or where the neurons in the brain, or maybe their muscle cells in the legs or whatever. Every living cell in the human body has mitochondria. So if you, if you don’t feed those mitochondria and your cells properly, the Mitochondria will suffer consequently.

Healthy Mitochondria
taking mitochondrial supplements. So why is it important? Well, what, what better way to improve your mitochondrial health


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