Thursday, March 23, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondrial donation at Biotexcom

If your eggs are of poor quality due to age or illness, you have a chance to improve them! Mitochondrion is the “powerhouse” of a cell that generates energy. You can rejuvenate your egg cell with the help of healthy donor mitochondria. The egg will contain your entire chromosome set and a baby will inherit your appearance.


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20 thoughts on “Mitochondrial donation at Biotexcom
  1. I wasn't sure about whether to write but decided to share my latest news. As far as I have been chatting here for some time it seems to me that I know you well) Only yesterday I wrote here about my health state and my pregnancy and today I am at the clinic lying on my bed and waiting for some news from the doc.

  2. I have read an interesting article about a girl who was called "three-parent-baby". Pretty interesting, I can say. It tells us about her life. I advise taking a look at it.

  3. We have been thinking a lot about adoption, surrogacy, etc and came to the conclusion that we want to try surrogacy, I think. We are old for IVF and maybe even old for babies but it is hard to be alone. Now we are going to gather as much info as possible.

  4. The RE basically said that I had a 3% chance of getting pregnant naturally. Moreover, if I do there is a 50/50 chance of miscarriage due to DOR and poor egg quality. I am currently almost 44. I've never had children on my own before. But due to circumstances adopted my nephew time ago.. So during our further investigations our RE said that our best chance was to do IVF with pregenetic screening. He said that bumps are chances up to 60%. This seemed too little..But we made the go. I think I've got the best prepared for IVF cycles – used all the possible tips to make my eggs better and the overall health state just excellent..We got bfp twice, and twice miscarried..Such a heartbreaking experience!! Finally, after more investigations done, were said it was not going to happen to that we should apply for surrogacy.
    Our surrogate had the transfer yesterday. so I'm in a very similar position with everyone on this treatment stage. She says she's had some cramping as well. Best I understand it, there are no symptoms this early that can indicate whether it worked or not. Some people have cramping who end pregnant as well as some that don’t. Same for all the other early symptoms. Knowing that kind of helps me obsess less over all of this. My own last transfer (we were doing oe ivf plan) I felt completely pregnant! but it was the progesterone, I never had a positive test!! Soon the conditions turned out to be even worse. Our doctor at Biotexcom clinic (the very first one we visited abroad and just stayed) told we'd need a surrogate as my body got really exhausted.. So wish me luck with this wait! Just trying to keep sane..

  5. Due to my experience, we, I mean humanity in general, shouldn't rely on a case or on luck. Of course, we need to believe in this as it is easier to live with faith then without it but blessing won't come to us if we wouldn't work on our aims. As far as I see many people believe in miracles and just waiting when happiness will come but it won't. I really won't come. As somebody once said, to win the lottery you must at least buy a ticket!

  6. Hello, my friends. How are you all? I didn't think that there will be so many conversations. That's a pity that I have missed many interesting topics for discussion. Is there any news?

  7. I am on a crossroad and don't know what to do. My life is very hard and I even don't know if I am ready for all of this. I am writing here because I hope to find support and a sort of hand of help.

  8. Do you really believe all this? If it is so simple then why I am still looking for a good doctor, for a good clinic, for my pregnancy??? I am sure there are so many risks from this innovation! There's no even a word about the number of people who had this procedure successfull or not. Guys, just use your brain!

  9. Why there's a gray-haired old woman during the 'women in their 40s moment'? We are not that old!)) I'm 42 and I'm in my prime here!!! I went through MD program and currently pregnant. It will be my first baby. So I consider myself as a young-mom-to-be) Good luck to everyone out there who're about to start MD or any other fertility treatment! I personally had 5 failed ivf cycles with my own eggs. Donor eggs were not an option as we really wanted a baby who shares a genetic relationship with both of us. Plus my age and health indicators. Well we fit the MD program perfectly. For those who don’t get how MD exactly works. The take out the nucleus from a mother's egg and transferring it into a donor egg, which has had its nucleus removed. This combined egg is then fertilised with the father's sperm and implanted into the mother. The resulting embryo has chromosomes from the mother and father, but also retains mitochondrial DNA from the donor. So even though they use the popular phrase “three-parent baby” to describe the treatment, the resulting embryo only has a tiny bit of DNA from the donor. A child born from MD has 99.9% of its DNA from its two parents.

  10. Currently undergoing de surrogacy at biotexcom clinic. The whole procedure seems to be much more time wise comparing to those when performed in the US or the UK for example. The pregnancy starts right after ambryo creation as many young healthy women participate in surrogacy in Ukraine. Taking donor egg into consideration which we’re using alongside, time frames are quite short. Guys are going to guide us throughout the whole process. The clinic is modern & well equipped with highly reputable docs, needless to say. We’ve been satisfied with them so far.

  11. Ye, it sounds really great and it seems that everything is possible and in so easy way!)) You know, I have already had two cycles of IVF, with the use of donor eggs. But still I have no successful and long-awaited pregnancy. Watching this video I think maybe I should try just this procedure! Maybe I don’t need donor eggs but need donor mitochondria!) I have to think about such variant and to consult my doctor.

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